22 August 2023

What can go wrong will go wrong!

The humans were all up early today, there was lots to do and Sandy was leaving to spend time with her cousin in Maine for few days. Brec left after breakfast to go work on the boat and get charts for the upcoming voyage to Nova Scotia. Our human took the Truck to go find Halloween stencils for cutting pumpkins, but failed! Too early, though in some shops there is Christmas stuff but not all Halloween stuff!! He then went to Verizon to buy a SIM Card. He had chosen them as he had one last time 5 years ago and their SIM card also worked in Canada. It now took almost three hours to get it sorted. The first thing that didn’t work was his VISA Credit card, the screen showed not accepted! So he paid cash. Then the first SIM Card couldn’t be read or recognised. The salesman tried all sorts of things then eventually he rang Customer Services. To cut a long story short, he spoke to three different people and at least two different departments, turn the mobile off, take out the SIM, put it back, turn it on, call the emergency number, turn it off take out the SIM, start again. Eventually the third SIM Card worked. It was now late afternoon and our human was hungry.

He went to the Post Road Mall for a burger. Then back to Orland Street.

With a working SIM card in his mobile phone he was able to text Brec and Sandy. Brec asked him to check if Amazon had delivered a Cruising Guide to Nova Scotia.

Something from Amazon was on the door step, then Brec asked Alan to look at his pile of books yet to be read and see if there was a guide there, for he felt sure he had bought one, but just couldn’t find it.

Yea so now the humans had two. We have to say that this sort of thing happens to our human too. He is out shopping and sees something that he things he needs only to find two or three already in his cupboard. When he had a yacht of his own he did it for boat parts too!! 

Our human watched a bit of TV until it was time to cook an evening meal. He prepped that then watched the US News. The situation in Maui where POTUS was visiting was awful, the flooding in California was also terrible and then to cap it all they had an earthquake!

Brec arrived and the two humans ate and chatted amiably. Then Alan tried to find a weather channel on the TV where they could look at long range weather charts, but failed to find anything a sailor could use. The Internet would be a better place we felt.

Brec read his Cruising Guide while Alan watched the Rachel Maddow show and her commentary on the ongoing Trump saga. We seem to remember five years ago watching her talking about that human!

As our BBF wanted to get up early to talk to his Bank about the non-acceptance of his credit card he went to bed early. All in all it was a mixed day. Somethings went wrong, but the weather was nice sunny and warm.

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