17 August 2023

Finding your way back!

Our BBF was awake early at 0800hrs, he went below and put the coffee on and made himself breakfast. Brec was the next to surface and they chatted about their experiences sailing in the Pacific. Sandy emerged and so Alan went to get dressed. Sandy gave him the keys to her VW which he then took to town.

Our BBF found the Connecticut Post Mall and spent a good couple of hours walking, window shopping and just enjoying being out and about. He had lunch.

Then drove to Barns and Noble a Booksellers where he bought himself a book on American History. He really wanted a book on the War of 1812 but couldn’t find one.

This Book is easy reading with lots of short stories about Historic events which he can enjoy while sailing. From the Bookshop he drove to REI an outdoors store where last time he was here he bought a few things. This time he just bought three pairs of toed socks and a small carabiner similar to the one he uses on us to ensure we do not run away! Now he was ready to drive back to Brec and Sandy’s house. It all started well and he thought he knew where he was going, but he missed a turning and got hopelessly lost again. As only our BBF can he drove around until he was back on the Boston Post Road, but then went in the wrong direction. He instinctively knew he was going in the wrong direction although he had not been on this part of the road before. He turned round and retraced his steps. Then drove on in the general direction he thought was right, but wasn’t! When he saw the Ocean through the trees he realised in which direction he now had to drive, turned and went West keeping the Ocean (though he couldn’t see it) on his left. Eventually as he knew he would, he found Orland St on his right and turned into it. The whole thing was like finding the Box in the dark which he did from the other direction and so it was for Orland St he came in from the other direction. 

Sandy was pleased to see him and had kindly done some of his laundry. She then took the VW to get some stuff for the evening meal. When she returned they made American Hot Dogs with all the trimmings, onions and relish and Beans. 

When Brec came home the humans sat down to eat they discussed going to get a new life raft for OTTER, Brec’s lovely Pacific Seacraft Yacht. They decided to go tomorrow. 

Brec kindly agreed to give Alan cash if he again transferred him the money via PayPal, which he then did.

Brec poured himself and Alan a Whisky and worked on his Crew List for the voyage next week. After watching a little TV News he retired to bed. 

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