3 August 2023

Niagara On the Lake

We Bears always sleep well and do not suffer from Jet Lag, but our BBF does suffer a bit. Getting to sleep was easy, but he woke first when his body clock told him it was 08:00 hrs in the morning. It wasn’t of course it was 02:00 hrs in the night. He checked his messages from home and replied as necessary then went back to sleep. We woke early and after showering went in search of breakfast. Glenn was there and made Alan a weak cup of coffee and helped Alan to some spoon sized Shredded Wheat for breakfast. When Gwen returned from her fitness studio the humans set off for Niagara on the Lake leaving us Bears behind! It was still fairly early in the morning, but our BBF felt like it was late afternoon!

The drive there took just over an hour and skirted Lake Ontario, passing over a ship canal bridge until we were now on the Southern shore of the Lake.

Niagara is a pretty town and very touristy with nice shops and boutiques. It also has a George Bernard Shaw Festival of Plays each year which was in full swing, so the town was full of Americans, the border not being far away. 

The humans after parking the car enjoyed a walk through the town and did some light shopping. 

At the end of the Main Street was the Bernard Shaw Festival theatre and a rather nice hotel restaurant where Gwen had reserved a table. It was warm and the humans were able to sit outside on the veranda. They had a nice lunch and Alan tried a local beer which he said was OK with lunch, but not for getting drunk on! After lunch they walked back down the street on the other side of the road.

                                                     A modern piece of art just outside the veranda. 

Back in the car the humans now went to various Vineyards to buy some wine. 

It was fairly flat  picturesque rolling countryside covered in vineyards and fruit orchards.

It is not easy to see on the photo because of the haze, but just to the left of the light can be seen Toronto across the Lake.

On the drive back the humans had to contend with a fair bit of traffic, though the majority seemed to be going the other way, thank goodness. Our human and Gwen were caught on occasions testing their eye lids for holes and on return Alan went straight for a nap as his body clock told him it was 22:00 hrs!

Glenn woke him in time to see the hawk eating his kill for the day on a tree in their backyard. 

The humans then had grilled salmon with salad for supper after which they discussed plans for visiting Toronto tomorrow and if they leave us behind again there will be trouble!



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