13 August 2023

Finding the Box in the Dark

We know you humans often ask, “do bears shit in the woods?” But what do humans do in the woods? Well in Algonquin by each campsite is a box set well away in the woods.

So if you’ve got to go, this is where you go!

Our BBF woke today just after midnight and needed to make the dreaded walk to the box! Now being a Veteran he has an aversion to white light at night and uses a red instead. Off he set at a trot and with the red light he was not able to see that well and should have gone slower as if he was on a night patrol. Consequently the clot missed the box in the dark. It was a pitch black night and he was clearly lost. He bit the bullet and turned on his white light and bashed on. Never give an officer a map soldiers, say but he had neither a map nor a compass and there was a great danger of running round in circles. However, our human is also a navigator and has sailed around the world alone. He reassessed his position and tried again to find the box. Eventually he stumbled into a strange campsite and immediately turned round for he did not want to wake Stranges with his white light. He deduced that this must be the campsite on Stratton Lake near the portage. He aimed now to prove this and attempt to find the box from the other direction. In the dark even with light he could not find a decent path, but had to walk on instinct. He found one end of the Portage and then the other all the time hearing running water. He now turned North or what he felt was a northerly direction and plodded on. 

This then was what he found in the dark the box from the other direction. After doing his business he walked back into our campsite turning his red light back on at its edge so as not to wake anyone. Back in our tent he poured himself a small glass of Writer’s Tears and laughed at himself as he told us the story. Then he collapsed into a deep sleep until early morning.

Over coffee when everyone was up sitting on the beach he told the tale of “Finding the Box in the dark!” They were amazed. The females all agreed they would never go there in the dark anyway. Gwen said even when she does she sings out loud so to deter Bears from coming to see. The song she admitted singing over and over was, “Oh what a beautiful morning” from the musical Oklahoma.

Loons were on the water and the mosquitoes had had a field day with Alan, but with all the other humans too.

This is a photo taken by Glenn of a Loon on the water.

 The Box is where they all get bitten by the mosquitoes on thighs and face. As the sun was shining kit was hung out to dry again.

Here you see our tent, left and Gwen and Glenn’s.

The humans now sat and read or lay in a hammock and dozed.

Our human also got out his photovoltaic charger and charged up his battery pack again.

As Pat had led the way in bathing in the lake then Dan went in, our BBF thought he ought to too.

Pat took a video so there is proof he went in and got wet.

Dan and Alan then set about gathering firewood for the evening.

The fire was lit and Wine was drunk with Nibbles.. 

The campsite is shared with a couple of chattering red squirrels and a few cheeky Chipmunks looking for scraps the humans drop. Our BBF loves the Chipmunks and though he tried to take their photo they are too quick for him.

The humans now had to make a stick with which to roast sausages (tomorrow)  and marshmallows over the fire. With much banter and laughter Glenn cut all the sticks needed which each individual had to carve to shape.

He used his stick to roast a piece of steak for Gwen who likes her’s well done. Dan put the other steaks on the fire with potatoes in the tinfoil you see.

These humans know how to live out in the wilderness. The only time it was rough was when they were wet, but even then they ate well.

It was our BBF’s turn to wash up and rather than stoop at the water’s edge on his very unsteady feet, with a chance of doing a Pat and falling in, he chose to walk in and wash up in deeper water.

 That done it was down to using the sticks to toast marshmallows and make S’Mores which were very tasty.  They all sat round again in the warmth of the fire and surrounded with the warmth of the camaraderie until the embers died down and they retired to bed.

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