24 August 2023

It doesn’t get any better than this!

Brec  was up early to got to the dentist and do other things before sailing. Our human got up after ten the left, put coffee on an showered. After breakfast nahe repacked his kit cleared up the kitchen and sat waiting for Brec to return. Brec returned saying that he had bought a cheap pair of sneakers and as Alan had also wanted a pair told him to take the car to Bob’s Store which he then did and came back with a pair of Skechers Relaxed fit walkers!

We all then left for the boat. The two men now listened to another Jack Aubrey novel. Sailing as it was in the old days.

Alan got a barrow and they loaded the kit onto it and he  took it to the boat while Brec went to park the car. At the boat the neighbours next door, Harry helped our BBF load all the bags into the cockpit. Alan then returned the barrow to the entrance and placed the bags below. We found our place next to Pugsly with whom we have sailed before. 

Brec when he came threw the shore power off started they engine and began to throw lines off. Our BBF took up position on the helm and then we were off.

It was fine sunny day with just enough wind to sail comfortably. The riginal  destination was to have been Port Jefferson on Long Island, but as the wind was against us and we had set off a bit late, Brec decided that we should make for Charles Island. With our BBF on the helm and Brec our BF on deck setting sails we sailed beautifully. Our BBF was heard to shout, “I don’t just like it I love it!” At the top of his voice. Both these singlehanded circumnavigators and us Bears agreed that life doesn’t get any better than this.

The left turning the engine back on until the last minute and then Brec hauled in the sails and dropped the anchor just off Charles Island. Once they were satisfied that it had been well dug in, Brec changed and leapt overboard to scrub barnacles off the hull and propeller. 

While he was doing that our BBF prepared the evening meal and now found that they had left stuff behind, like onions for example. However, he found enough stuff to make a meal.

Couscous salad with tuna, sweet corn, tomatoes and a cucumber, the latter two items out of Sandy’s garden. The anchor beer was drunk and a toast to happy sailing adventures.

The moon was up as the sun set. Brec later tidied up the sails before we all retired to bed.

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