28 August 2023

The Picnic!

We are still on the Lane and one thing you have to understand is that the Lane is a Connecticut version of the “Waltons”!  A fantastic feeling of family and a sense of belonging to something exists here. Of the original 13 plots and houses nine are still family owned. We Bears consider ourselves lucky to have been included in this family event, now for the third time.

The day started with breakfast on the beach or at least at the head of the stairs leading to the beach.

Everyone brought something and Donald brought Bagels and for our BBF this was now a first he had never had Bagels with cream cheese before. Bruce brought coffee and Laura brought fruit and croissants. The day was clearly going to be a lovely one that starts like this.

Our BBF walked back from the beach with Roy who told him of his time after WWII when he worked in the Heifer  Project! In 1944 Dan West began a simple project to combat hunger by giving a cow to refugee farmers. These famers had to agree to pass on the gift when they could. Roy said that we worked in Austria and even remembered part of the German Speech he had learned by heart when presenting the heifer! Our BBF was most impressed and surprised at how well Roy pronounced the German that he remembered.

After breakfast the humans had to prepare for the picnic, so we bears sat on the porch with Donald and watched the world go by.

Brec had decided that he wanted to make a Rhode Island Clam Chowder for the picnic. Alan helped by acting as the Sous Chef chopping up most of the ingredients. Sandy helped by frying and stirring. Laura made meatballs with tomato sauce and a macaroni cheese for the vegetarians. Each family part brought  something so it was a great potluck party.

When everyone had arrived they were given name tags by Charlie which showed which branch of the family they came from. We Bears also got name tags. The humans then formed a circle and held hands, with us Bears  in the middle.

Roy as the oldest (91) rang the cow bell calling all to attention, then holding hands they bowed heads and remembered those who had departed since the last picnic.
They then sang the Doxology:

Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise Him, all creatures here below
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

John who maintains the whole family tree then mentioned that his son Charlie had a friend at school who he discovered was a fourteenth cousin once removed and had brought him to the picnic! Brec also mentioned the demise of a special Aunt and the Buffet was then open.

The family tree maintained by John!

The food was good the atmosphere was welcoming and we and our BBF felt privileged to be part of it. There were about 30 people this year, but years ago many more attended.

This is a picture of the picnic in 1995!

After lunch traditionally the humans retire to the beach to soak up the sun and to swim.

The swim was to the Grass Rock which is just below the water. Only Brec and Charlie were brave enough to attempt it. Once there they had to stand on the rock and you can see in the picture Charlie standing and Brec sitting. All on the Beach cheered and clapped when they got there. Last time we were here in 2018 our BBF rowed out in a dinghy, but none was available this year.

The heroes return!

Our BBF had had enough sun then so returned to the house for a nap.

In the early evening Brec, Roy and John, Brec’s brother chatted to their cousin Elrod who was unable to attend.

Finger food was produced and wine drunk and the few family remaining sat on Laura’s front deck chatting into the night.

So ended another wonderful day on the Lane. So it’s “good night John Boy” from us Bears!


  1. So glad you were with us today. Hopefully wr can start our grand adventure tomorrow!!!

  2. What a wonderful tradition and a privilege to be part of!