14 August 2023

Farewell to Canada

We have already mentioned how we Bears together with our BBF do not like farewells, so today was another subdued day as we were leaving. Pat and Dan had kindly agreed to drive us to Syracuse where Brec and Sandy would collect us and take us on to Milford in Connecticut. We were all up early not because we wanted to be off, but to be sure to be ready on time. Pat too was up early, but she to bake bread before leaving. She cooked us breakfast, we had a slice of her lovely sourdough with a fried egg, some melted Gruyère with fresh spinach.

With us all loaded we set off for the Thousand Island Bridge in Alexandria Bay which was the closest Border Crossing. We last used this in October 2015 when we all went down to Cedar Creek in Virgina. We wrote about that adventure then, so look it up and read about it again. The Blog was called Band of Brothers and published on 21 October 2015.

At the US Border we drove first into the Duty Free Shop, it was a fabulous place for getting Canadian Souvenirs. Our BBF bought a bottle of Gin as he and Sandy drink G+T all the time, plus a number of other small Canadian souvenirs. When it came to pay he tried using his VISA Credit Card, but it said it was blocked!! Agh! Agh! Agh! Pat came to the rescue and paid for him. 
At the US Immigration Service our BBF was thoroughly checked and had to get a, what they called an I-94W, an additional cost of $6 was required which Dan now kindly paid in cash!

Then we were out and began our journey in the USA. It was a nice sunny day, but our BBF dozed a fair bit so missed some of the scenery.

The humans were to meet at Tully’s Sports Bar for lunch and the handover. We arrived first were shown to a table, had something to drink and chatted until Brec and Sandy arrived. Hugs of delight were exchanged when they came and then it was the usual human chatter to get to know each other. Those that know Brec know that if one can say something in a few or a 1000 words he will always choose 1000 or more! The humans ordered food, but in all honesty it was far too much for them to eat, so doggy boxes were issued for those that wanted them. The Canadians and the Americans shared the cost of the lunch as our BBF had no money! Thank goodness for such good BFs!

The exchange took place in the  car park and then our BBF took a photo of the four most important BFs in his life. After a tearful farewell hug with Pat and Dan we set off for the five hour ride to Milford.

Brec chatted at 10 to the dozen as always while Sandy dozed in the back. As the car was now fully loaded with luggage we did not have a seat of our own and had to sit at Alan’s feet.

We had one short rest stop on the way and as he got in he handed Alan a Magnum type ice on a stick, intending to share it! Our BBF merely stated he did not share ice cream and kept it for himself, forcing Brec to go and get another one for himself. You would think that after all these years Brec would know better than to try and share an ice cream with Alan.

After a couple of hours talking Brec dried up and we listened to an Audio Book about Jack Aubrey from the Master and Commander series. Our BBF changed the CD’s there were 12 in all. Brec had already been listening to the book for the first eight CDs and now Alan changed them until we got to the twelfth, but we arrived in Milford before the final chapter.

Sandy’s son Tyson and his wife Jessica were there to meet us and had prepared the evening meal. We had Barbecued chicken breasts with potatoes salad, pasta salad and sweet corn. They kindly also cleared away and then left the older humans to chat more. We Bears wrote up more of the Blog while Brec watched a movie and Sandy read a book in bed. Alan went to say good night to Brec but found him fast asleep in the chair, so he too went to bed to sleep perchance to dream as it had been an emotionally charged day for him and us Bears.

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