23 August 2023

It works!

Our BBF was up early around 0630hrs to talk to the Bank. He put coffee on and then although he got through he was passed on and got cut off twice. Eventually he managed to reconnect and this time spoke to a Tobias Boor who was very helpful. There seems to be nothing wrong with the Credit Card. When Alan explained where he was and what our future intentions were he left Alan hanging to double check, when he returned Alan was told that this information had been passed on and recorded. As our BBF had put money on the card he was able to draw cash from a Bank without paying Interest, but the Bank charges would apply. 

Somewhat reassured our BBF had breakfast with Brec who then left to work on the Boat leaving Alan with a shopping list. Alan now sorted out the clothes he would need for the sailing adventure. 

It was a nice warm day again and so our BBF took the Truck to do the shopping. He went first to the out doors shop REI to get gas cartridges which will be the back-up if his repair to the paraffin stove fails. Then he drove to the Post Mall and tried an ATM and was able to draw cash with his VISA Credit Card. He  had lunch in the Mall.

Today  though, (Brec would be pleased) he had a Bacon/Cheese Burger with a Pepsi! After lunch he went searching for a small fan. He used the Credit Card again in the Sports Kit Shop, Dick’s, but did not find a fan there.  Brec had asked him to find a battery driven fan for the forepeak where he and Sandy would be sleeping and it could get very warm and sticky up there. 

He found what he thought was a great option in Walmart. A rechargeable fan with three speeds and it was fairly silent, a fan much better than the one he had in his own sleeping cabin on KARMA! He thought he might buy us one for our camping kit!

Then it was off to ShopRite to collect a prescription for Sandy and some last minute victuals which Brec wanted. He couldn’t resist the fresh strawberries so bought a box and some vanilla ice cream!

Back in Orland Street he packed his bags had a nap then prepped the evening meal. Brec came home on time after a successful day. While they were eating and between courses, Gail Brec’s sister phoned Alan from Phoenix in Arizona! This was a nice surprise as they had never met. After the strawberries and ice cream the humans sat and watched the news before going to bed.

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  1. Please let us know when you’re departing! From all this provisioning, it seems that you are getting very close! Buen Camino and safe voyage!