13 August 2023

The Call of the Loon

It rained heavily in the night and though he was exhausted our BBF could not settle, he had cramp and his arms ached. He used what he termed as a “Piss Pot” three times in the night and we are sure he was grateful that he brought it, or else he would have had to get out in the rain.

After a fitful night our human got up when he heard voices. He emptied and washed out his PP.  The heavy rain had pulled the Tarps down by filling them with water. One of the Galley Tarps guy ropes broke. 

All the chairs were wet too.

Our BBF wore his poncho so that he could sit with a dry bottom. Repairs were made water was ejected from Tarps and then Pat made us all coffee. The smell of Dan frying bacon revived the humans even more. There was much repartee over and after breakfast and despite it all the human spirits were high.  Books were read, stories exchanged and all wished for a little wind to dry out the wet clothes. Only the mosquitoes tried their level best to destroy the cheerful camaraderie of the humans, but they failed, though they did draw much blood!

One could hear the call of the Loon over the misty water. Common Loons give off an eerie, beautiful call which seems to echo off the lake. The male Loon does a sort of yodel which is his territorial call. It is a wonderful sound and one none of us will forget. Getting a phot of one is difficult though. 

This one was actually taken the next day.

The humans take turns to wash dishes for he who cooks does not wash up.

Dan and Glenn got out there water makers and replenished all the water bottles. It was cold and misty over the water, but the rain held off.

A little frog lived by the shore where we all came ashore.

Pat put a plastic bag on the little table which Alan thought was chocolate, but no it was fire lighters!!

A fire was lit and everyone used it to try and dry out some of their wet things.

Gwen did not go as far as burning her bra though.

Our humans boots by the fire.

We came out to play too and had our photo taken with this fun group of humans.

You can just see us sitting on Gwen’s lap.

Dan then grilled chicken skewers over the fire, the grates found on the camp site were also used to good effect by our human to dry his socks.

Pat rounded off the meal with savoury rice, Greek salad, beans and Tzaziki washed down with red wine.

The sun did then come out before it got too dark.

To prevent real bears from destroying all our food it was all hung up on a line. All the humans smelly stuff (deo, toothpaste etc) had to go up too.

Dan with Glenn’s help did all that then the humans could relax around the fire for the rest of the evening.

It is the cheerful banter and camaraderie around the campfire with the odd whiskey or two which makes this so special for the humans.
They sat around watching the embers die down, telling stories or pulling each others leg. Then around 2200hrs they all slopped off to bed.

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