21 August 2023

Whales of August

It was a bright sunny day and as it was a Sunday the humans went to church.

The Pastor you see here was called Roy and did not wear Vestments, but a nice large cross on his chest. The sermon was about doing God’s will. 

On return to Orland St, Brec went to the boat while Sandy and our human went victualling for the voyage.

They rode with the top down and went first to Costco where they were already selling Christmas stuff!

When they had all the things they wanted Sandy took our human to the boat. Our human now helped Brec climb the mast, but found it was harder than when he did it in Gibraltar in 2002. Well it was 21 years ago, Brec is heavier and our human had a duff arm and a weak wrist on the other side. Brec is a good sailor, but he has a habit of using 1000 words where one or two would do and if there are two ways of doing things he would choose the complicated instead of the simple.

It was hard work and when Brec was at the spreaders he was willing to give up, but our BBF encouraged him to go on. Winching was hard, because of the weight, but also because of Alan’s duff left arm and right weak wrist. However, with the team work the two had developed they managed to get Brec to the top of the mast in the end.

It is never easy working at the top of a mast, but Brec is a Veteran of such work and managed to fit the new wind vane despite the problems he encountered and the swaying of the mast.

When Brec eventually came down having fitted it he was surprised by a group of yacht club members who came and gave him a standing ovation on the jetty! A job well done the two male humans cleared up, locked the boat and returned to Orland Street. 

Sandy had made a delicious meal of roast lamb, roast potatoes and beans. Our human quickly made some gravy to go with the meal. 

Then Brec and our human watched the Whales of August a Betty Davis movie set in Main! We hope to see whales when we are sailing in Main!

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  1. Danke für deine regelmäßigen Berichte, hat man die Möglichkeit ein wenig von der großen weiten Welt zu schnuppern. Grüße an Sandy und Brec. Georg