20 August 2023

Surf and Turf

Our BBF was up first, put coffee on made himself some breakfast. Then Brec surfaced as did Sandy shortly after. Brec went to work on the boat while Sandy took Alan into Milford to the Oyster Festival.

There were fairground rides and stalls with lots of places to eat fresh oysters to lobster rolls. 

We were fairly early but people were queueing already to eat. There were also oyster eating competitions, but our humans did’t hang around to watch. They went into town to see the craft stalls. There were also many Service and voluntary organisations represented from the Coast Guard to Marines and the Police and the Boy Scouts.

Classic cars were also represented and fascinating, all highly polished and well maintained.

Near the WWII memorial was a US Veteran Stall where our BBF deposited all his loose change and obtained a US Poppy in exchange.

There were many interesting stalls and after a couple of purchases the humans returned to Sandy’s Car.

Our BBF was thrilled to see children running a stall on the street to sell lemonade. He had only seen such things in Peanuts Cartoons before this, but there were a few more on the streets.

Sandy drove our BBF to the Bridgeport Yacht Club where Brec keeps OTTER and they had lunch in the Bar where Brec joined them.

Our BBF went then to OTTER to help BREC with the preparation required for the voyage at the end of next week.

His task for today was to replace and repair the burners of the paraffin stove. We had a similar stove on KARMA when we sailed around the world, so our BBF knew more or less what he was doing. The photo shows the new burners in position as a test. BREC needed some self locking washers for his wind vane and went to the Chandlery to get some. Alan worked on the Burners while he was gone and texted him to bring some more fibre and copper washers for the repair. 

In the mean time our BBF found a few in the many plastic bags of spares BREC had and so fitted the burners. He then discovered that one burner’s control arm didn’t align with the holes for the splint which fixes it, so found another burner with a longer fitting and fitted that one. By the time BREC returned he had finished, but had not tested them. Sandy returned to take Alan shopping so he left BREC to it and prayed silently that he had done a good job.

Sandy and Alan went to “ShopRite” to buy Lobsters which were on offer. They bought a few other things and then returned home. Brec in the mean time had texted to say the burners worked and didn’t leak! He was pleased as a couple of years ago he had tried and spent almost two days on it and was convinced it was hopeless.

Sandy and Alan when they got back unloaded and then Alan made some Cream of Tomato soup and a Marinara Sauce. She then put the Lobsters in to cook.

And a steak on the grill.

Brec arrived in time to get changed and washed before eating.

The humans had Surf and Turf, that is Lobster with Steak and Salad and some green beans all washed down with Prosecco.

All three humans love Lobster and our human saved the tail to eat with the steak and salad.

The. Prosecco flowed freely and the humans were quite merry and thoroughly enjoyed a delicious meal and great company.

After Sandy had filled the dishwasher and sorted out the chaos in the kitchen, in part created by our human, he and Brec washed up the rest. They then sat repleted in front of the TV before going to bed.


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  1. What a busy and great day you have had. You must be chuffed with your burner repairs!