14 August 2023

Camaraderie Round the Campfire

Our BBF got up once in the night and went to the Box without his glasses, but returned without issues and climbed back into his sleeping bag. At 0615hrs he arose and went again to the Box, but this time with glasses! Pat and Gwen were up and Pat was making water, so Alan asked her to fill his water bottle too.

                             The Hobbit coming back from the Box in the rain.

Dan and Alan sat amiably by the lake drinking their early morning coffee when it started to rain again. So the humans all sat under the Tarp waiting for breakfast. Pat called out that it would be individual breakfasts. When Gwen sat down with an Apple Pancake with Maple Syrup our BBF asked if he could kiss the cook. There was much banter about the remark, but when he did go to get his pancake he kissed the cook. Alan then told Dan it was his duty to kiss the cook.

After breakfast the humans sat around reading. Pat and Gwenn took turns in pushing the collecting rainwater off the Tarp. Our human finished his book which was an adventure story called “Lost in the Barrens” by Farley Mowat. He then went and had a nap on his “Scratcher” as he calls it, only Veterans would understand.

The day was grey damp and cold. Many more canoes came by going North than the other way and we all wondered if those going North found vacant Camp spots, but of course if they did all the portages going out of St Andrews Lake, the whole of the park was their oyster.

It was quiet in the wood not a sound. The cheeky Chipmunks scattered around looking for scraps and picking up what they could from the cold campfire, causing our BBF much amusement. The sun eventually came out around 1600hrs and warmed up the campsite a bit. The campfire was lit and the humans sat around, drank Whisky and shared stories.

The sticks were used again to roast sausages over the campfire and then for desert more S’Mores.

As the fire drew down it got colder and the females and Glenn retired early leaving our BBF and Dan to tell stories to each other over the dying campfire. What happens and is said around the fire stays around the fire and it is this camaraderie that makes this so special. Mellow with whisky and in company that the humans like and trust souls are opened and sometimes can be laid bare. It is very cathartic. Rain came to interrupt their story telling so they too now retired to bed.


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