16 August 2023

A Relaxed Day in Milford

Our BBF slept fitfully. It rained hard during the night and he eventually woke at 0930hrs. He went down stairs to find Sandy doing the New York Times Crossword. He poured himself a coffee and made breakfast which he had to eat without his teeth! He then spent too long in the bathroom again and missed his ride into town as Sandy had to leave.

He poured over the charts Brec had left for the next sailing adventure.

We discovered a wooden model of a Loon and put it on the charts. It looked at home though it only goes to salt water when it migrates South again for the winter

Our BBF then made a big pot of Italian Ragu for stuffing the Marrows Sandy had harvested from her garden. 

Sandy had lots of tomatoes too so Alan used them.

While he was prepping the meal, Sandy came home and made him some lunch, then she was off again to get a new hubcap for her VW. 

About 1600hrs our BBF didn’t feel too good so he went for a nap. He felt better when he resurfaced and filled the marrows with his ragu.

Once the Marrow were in the oven he bought the Pro version of  the Windy App for a Month which will help them sail later in the month.

Brec surprised us all by coming home early.

Dinner was served with a good red wine which Alan had also put in the Ragu, a great salad and mashed potatoes. Over dinner the humans talked about the plan for the next adventure. They intend to sail to Lunenburg in Nova Scotia. Park the boat and hire a car to look around for a bit, then sail back via Main.

After dinner Brec served some delightfully delicious ice cream.

The human males then drank some Irish Whiskey. Alan said it was not as good as Writer’s Tears, but the two men drank a glass or two.
When Brec poured another Sandy raised an eyebrow and Brec said, “we’re sailors and sailors drink!” She shrugged it off thinking to herself, “Men!”
 The men discussed the plan in a little more detail then retired to watch TV.
So ended a good relaxed day in Milford.

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  1. Sounds like you quickly adapted to the rhythm of Milford. Enjoy!