31 December 2010

New Year Resolution!

We make them and more often than not break them, but I promise to be a more fruitful Blogger in 2011. Happy New Year to you all!!!!

End of the year.

I've got to confess to being a Christmas Freak and since I also collect Teddy Bears, my tree decoration includes a bear. What else!

24 January 2010


Baked a cake for tea. It's snowing here, but I don't think it will last.

22 January 2010


I've placed 22 photos which give a general impression of how fantastic Southern India was on my www.karmaphotography.de web page.


I have now sorted through my 4400 pictures and picked out 1900 or so as worthy of doing something with. I now need to discover how to put pictures on this Blog. Anyone out there with some ideas on the subject?


14 years ago Hanna and I visited India for the first time. We toured Rajastahn and Uttar Pradesh. We stayed in Maharaja's Palaces and yet saw abject poverty, especially in the major cities. However, the over whelming impression we came away with was the inteligence of even the simplest people and children we met.
This general impression has not changed, but we have come away with a new impression of the over whelming friendliness of the people and more significantly how many people there are in India. So many people at one time we only seem to see here in Germany is during the Carnival procession.Nor this time did we see as much real poverty as the first time. Indeed in Kerala we hardly saw a beggar.

21 January 2010

Southern India

I have just spent three weeks touring Southern India with Hanna. It was a great adventure and one we both enjoyed so much because the people we met were so very friendly. The country is a must place to visit if you have not been. This was our second trip and once again Hanna planned it all on the Internet. I took 4400 pictures and Hanna must have taken half as much again. But we have also been photographed ourselves countless times. It's either because we are both blond and friendly, or because I wear such a stupid topee hat! I shall get round to posting a more comprehensive SITREP about the trip in due course as well as some of the many photos I took.

Till then stay safe.