30 November 2021

No end to the Pandemic yet!

As the year closes and we await the coming of Christmas the world still is in the grip of the Covid 19 pandemic with more alarming deviants being discovered and causing concern. The incidence rate in Germany is increasing and with the change in Government not yet happening each Federal Land seems to be doing something different to control the situation. What I find alarming is the number of antivaxxers there are. Do they not realise that the world has eradicated certain diseases because of vaccination? Polio and Rubella to name just two. I am sure we could eradicate Covid too if we could just get the whole world vaccinated.

Serving in the Army one was vaccinated for almost everything as a matter of course and in the days, when I was part of the Strategic Reserve Force to go at a moment’s notice anywhere in the world, we were regularly additionally vaccinated for almost every thing imaginable to keep us safe. Consequently, when I did sail off around the world, I made sure I got all my vaccinations, Yellow Fever, Cholera, Tetanus, Polio, etc up to date and additionally got vaccinated for Hepatitis.  Prophylactic medicines for Malaria were also part of my onboard medicines. 

When my GP offered me the third Covid vaccine I immediately accepted, even though six months since the last vaccine had not yet been reached. I have had no side effects at any time. So, I feel relatively safe, but will not take unnecessary risks. I still get all my groceries delivered, but when I do go out, I wear an FFP2 mask in the shops and Malls. I have also discovered that in the cold weather wearing a mask outside stops the nose from running and getting cold!

So far, touch wood, during two years of this pandemic I have not had one cold or bout of sinusitis, which is a usual event for me in the winter. This is due I am sure to social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing in public spaces.

So, my advice is, get vaccinated and get boosted. Stay safe.