26 August 2023

Rain rain go away!

The humans slept well and once actually got up at the same time in the night to look at the stars. It was a late morning start at around 0900hrs. They had a leisurely breakfast which they ate in the cockpit. 

The day was grey and heavily overcast and it started to rain softly.  So oil skins were called for before setting off. Brec made some phone calls about the delivery of his new Liferaft and then we set off under engine. In to the grey wet day.

Once out of the anchorage the sea state was a little choppy and rolling, but nothing OTTER couldn’t handle. The humans used the engine the whole way as the wind actually increased somewhat. After about two and half hours they entered the main harbour of  New London.

New London is the home port of the lovely three mast Barque of the US Coast Guard the USCGC Eagle formally the Horst Wessel, (a war reparations prize) which we passed on her berth.

We had to wait a few minutes by the turning railway bridge at the entrance to Crocker’s Boatyard as a train was coming.

When the train passed the bridge opened and we moored up at the first available pontoon we found with Alan leaping with the lines on to the pontoon. Brec then went to the office leaving us and our BBF on the boat. When he returned with Alan on the helm and he on the pontoon he threw off the lines and we backed out and made for our permanent berth.

Once we were alongside this berth, Alan went below to make lunch and Brec tidied up the lines and deck then washed the deck down to get all the salt spray off.

The humans then had lunch and once that was over Brec did some more telephoning about his Liferaft and Alan then set to, to repair the one Burner on the stove which leaked and he had not fixed properly the first time.

He did that, but didn’t test it as he wanted the sealant he used to harden overnight. Our BBF then left to shower and change while Brec spent more time on his boat chores and on titivating OTTER ready for Sandy to come aboard and for our next adventure.

After Brec had showered the men went to find Sandy and Laura, Brec’s daughter, with whom they were having a meal in the Blue Duck Restaurant. It started to rain as they left the Boatyard and so Brec called Sandy to ask to collect us. It was in fact Laura that attempted to do so, but the humans missed each other and the men found the restaurant where Sandy was waiting. The rain stopped more or less after Brec made the call, so they were dry when they got there.

Our human had a Blue Duck Burger with Fries and asked to have Mayo with his fries!

Laura now took the men back to the boat yard to collect us and their luggage for we were all going to stay at Laura’s house in West Strand Road, Waterford. This is Brec’s families Lane as they call it and most of the little houses on it are owned by members of the family and have been since the 19th century. Each year the Family hold a Picnic on the lane and all members that can come to this annual gathering of the clan. We have been fortunate in having taken part twice in the past.

In Laura’s lovely little cottage we have the upstairs single room which has it’s own toilet and washbasin.

Brec and Sandy are in the study on an air mattress you could call it an Air B&B!

Brec went to bed early leaving Alan and Sandy to share the sitting room before they too retired to bed.

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  1. Glad you finally connected with Sandy! Enjoy!