5 August 2023

We are back in Brockville

This morning our BBF was up early to shower, shave and pack for the journey to Brockville. After breakfast he sort of helped Glenn get the canoe on to the top of the car.

Glenn didn’t really need any help for he lifted the canoe up over his head and onto the car on his own, so fast that our human couldn’t photograph it.

We helped carry kit out to the car for Glenn to stow and then we Bears quickly occupied the one seat made for us, before anyone else grabbed it.

From here we had a good view out the front. 

This weekend is a long weekend so there was a lot of traffic on the motorway which slowed us somewhat. Our human dozed most of the time.

Around 12:00hrs the humans all felt peckish and so a stop was called for.

We stopped at an “On Route” near Trenton, which was packed. We sought around for a parking space for bit and then went inside to queue.

The humans decided on a Tim Horton’s sandwich and Gwen, bless her, now waited in line for an whole hour to get three sandwiches. They ate them quickly enough and then set off again.


And then we arrived. Dan came out to meet us and it was hugs all round. He helped carry Alan’s things and put us all in the Blue room. On the bedside table was a leaflet with the plan for the canoeing adventure


The views of Molly’s Gut was as we remembered.

The new jetty can be just seen through the trees. The one with the red chairs belongs to our BF’s Pat and Dan.

Dan showed off his new smoker which he connects  with WiFi to his iPad.

That way he need never miss a part of a Baseball game as he can control everything from his iPad.

The humans sat on the veranda and drunk isotonic drinks or some other bubbly liquid humans call champagne and chatted amiably until it was time to lay the table.

The meal was delicious and the sweetcorn especially sweet. It was all washed down with good red wine, which Alan was told would also be going on the trip with us.

A large tanker went tooting by on the St Lawrence River and then as it was getting cooler and the midges were beginning to bite came in to watch a bit of TV before retiring to bed.

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