6 August 2023

Relaxed Weekend in Brockville

The weather is currently fabulous, sunny and warm. The plan for Saturday was for our BBF to go with the human females to shop, but he was in the loo contemplating his navel when it was time to leave so he missed out.

Instead he sat on the terrace outside and wrote up his diary. It was a beautiful day as you can see.

The arrow marks the spot where we are  and as we looked out over the water toward the US of A some Cigarette Boats came roaring past making lots of noise. 

They were in a Poker Race, they run from port to port not really racing but fast, where they show off their boats and collect a poker playing card. At the end of the day the guy with the highest poker hand wins.

Commercial ships also chugged by.

All the humans were occupied with whatever, then after lunch Pat suggested a swim which no one fancied. However, our BBF said he was happy to go down to the jetty and record for posterity that she had done so. Gwen came too and so Pat packed a Beer for Alan and cold drinks for the women and down they went to sit on the floating jetty.

It was really hot in the sun so our BBF was glad he had an umbrella and the cold beer Pat had provided.

Here is the proof that Pat swam in the St Lawrence River. When the humans had had enough of the sun it was back up to the cool house.

The men then retired to the TV room to watch the Blue Jays play the Red Sox in Boston. The game was still going on when they sat down to eat. Dan had smoked some fresh Salmon in the Smoker which they had with rice, sweet corn and green beans from Pat’s garden. Our BBF said the Salmon was beautifully cooked too.

After supper. The humans left Glenn behind when they went into Brockville for some Performing Arts Culture.

It was not what our BBF expected at all, he thought he was going to see some G and S performed by a Rock Band, but the Youth Opportunities in the Arts Group put on a delightful performance of some of Gilbert and Sullivan’s music in the first Act. There were some songs from HMS Pinafore in which many moons ago our BBF had a minor part as the Carpenter! He was able to sing along with many of the other songs too. In the second Act the cast sang solos or duets from various Broadway Musicals going back as far as 1937 starting with “Leaning on a Lamp Post” which delighted our BBF as he sang along too. They returned after the performance to the House on the Hill where they had ice cream and drank Whiskey before retiring to bed.

Sunday morning was another fine hot sunny day. Dan cooked a Serbian egg dish for breakfast we think was called Kagiana, and was excellent as our BBF had seconds. After breakfast Alan went with Pat into town to shop and he finally bought a bottle of Irish Whiskey. He did not get the one he wanted but the description on the box sold it to him!

It’s called “Writers’ Tears” and the flavour is described as:

“Flashes of apple, hints of vanilla and sweet honeycomb dance over a distinctly Irish pot still base, oozing with spice and ginger, alongside background notes of toasted oak, fading to a long, elegant finish with subtle notes of milk chocolate and almonds!”

After lunch everyone began packing and now our BBF discovered all he needed to carry would not go in his 38 litres pack. Pat did a swap and he was given Dan’s Camino pack of 40 litres into which he managed to cram it all. We watched Dan tie his canoe down to the roof of his car. Some stuff was loaded onto both cars, but there is much to pack in the morning. We Bears are so excited and may not sleep much to night for we are going into the woods were real bears can be found! 

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