15 August 2023

Follow the Money

Our BBF slept well, but woke early and was concerned that he needed to speak to the Bank in Germany, so he got up, made some coffee and got on his phone. He found this whole process frustrating to say the least. He was kept on hold at various stages, which is always frustrating. He finally got through to the correct person who will deal with the matter and arranged to have a new VISA Debit Card issued, but they cannot send it overseas only to his home address. This was arranged and then he asked to be connected to the Credit Card Department. This ended in him being put on hold for an hour and then cut off! He tried again and after 10 minutes was cut off again. Agh! 

He spoke to Petra via Facetime and told her the details and that she now needed to keep an eye out for the new Debit Card and to send it ASP. It was now close to 0900hrs and Brec and Sandy were up reading the newspapers and generally chilling. Our BBF went and abluted then dressed and came back down to have breakfast. Sandy had to go to a meeting and then our BBF sent Pat in Canada the money he owed for the Border Crossing. That done he discussed with Brec getting cash. Brec kindly agreed to give it to him when he transferred it to him via PayPal and XOOM. He did that and Brec gave him the cash immediately from his own pocket. He then went to work in his studio.

Tyson, Sandy’s son popped in, he was outside cutting the hedge and needed a drink. Our BBF and Tyson exchanged friendly banter and then he went back to work. Sandy returned and had knee problems and wanted to visit an orthopaedic surgeon. So out she went again to do just that. Alan in the meantime made himself an egg banjo with a home grown tomato for lunch. He then rang the Credit Department of the bank in Germany and spoke to a young man who gave him some good advice. He also stated that as far as they were concerned the VISA Credit Card was not blocked and he had enough free room to use it. Alan then put more money on the Credit Card to ensure he had no more problems.

Alan went outside to see the garden and Sandy had lots of lovely flowers and many tomatoes  growing.

Sandy returned and thankfully only had tendinitis and needed to wear a knee support. Our BBF and Sandy then went shopping one of their favourite pastimes. It was warm out side and more so in the beat up old Truck. Sandy’s nice little VW Beatle convertible was in the workshop being serviced so we had to take the Truck which is now even more beat up than Alan remembered. They went first to Walmart where they found no real service and certainly no one to talk to with authority about SIM Cards and other matters. She bought a WIFI repeater to extend the range of her Router.

They then went to Verizon where Alan got a prepaid SIM last time he was here. He spoke to Eddy who gave him some advice about iPhones and SIM cards.

They visited a couple of interesting supermarkets to buy stuff and then returned to the house.

Our BBF made a Lemon Risotto with green beans and Haddock filets. 

Sandy retired to bed to read after clearing up the mess our BBF made in the kitchen while Brec and our BBF watched an MSNBC Programme which was concentrating on the 10 indictments of a human called Trump in Georgia! It was boring so we said, “it’s time for bed, said Zebedee!” Of Magic Roundabout fame and went to bed.

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