19 August 2023

A fine day in Milford

We were all woken by a loud clap of thunder directly overhead at 0630hrs this morning and then it chucked it down.

The video our BBF took was better for you could see the river running down the road. We all went back to bed to sleep a little more.

Our human was the first up at 0800hrs and he put the coffee on and made himself some breakfast. Sandy was next and she braved the now light rain to get the newspapers from outside.  Brec who we thought had already gone to work appeared last. He eventually went to work and would be back sometime around 1400hrs after his dental appointment. It was intended that our BBF hoist him up the mast of OTTER so he could replace his wind vane, like we did in Gibraltar in 2002. We  thought that if it was wet that it was not such a good idea, but then what do we Bears know!

Sandy then spent some time finding suitable flights home for us. She eventually found a good deal with Condor Airlines, a sister of Lufthansa from JFK New York to D├╝sseldorf via Frankfurt leaving on 2 October and arriving early in the morning on 3 October. Sandy kindly paid for this with her Air-Miles which she had accumulated and believe us she seemed to have lots.

The sun came out and warmed up the land. Alan took a walk along the beach and the tide was in.

He returned to the house for lunch.

Brec had not returned by 1500hrs so our BBF thought he might have a siesta when Brec turned up like a bad penny. The dentist had given him a thick lip and a numb face so going up the mast was off after all allowing Alan to go for a short nap.

When he resurfaced after 40mins Brec was just leaving. Sandy and our human then went into Milford as there was the Weekends Oyster Festival starting. They had a short walk around town and Alan discovered that here when they put up bank of Porta-Loos they also put up a wash stand, there are four in the photo back to back.

They went to Scooby Doos by the Marina for an ice and sat in the sun eating them.

Then it was off to the Cafe Atlantic to meet with some of Sandy’s friends (from the left, Diane, Renee and Rick) for a drink and a bite to eat.

A young woman set herself up to play and sing. Our BBF was worried it might be loud so attempted to turn his hearing aids down and was surprised when he couldn’t and discovered that he had not put them back on after his siesta! Silly old codger!!

Our two humans returned to Orland Street and sat and read till Brec came home. After he had had something to eat they sat and attempted to watch a film but the streaming was poor and eventually failed. Over a small Writer’s Tears they watched the News before going to bed.

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