4 August 2023

A day trip to Toronto

Blood would have flowed had our BBF left us behind today, but thankfully Alan knew better. The plan was for Gwen to take us on a touristy walk round down town Toronto.
Glenn took us all to the local railway station where we caught the train to Union Station.

We had a window seat on the upper deck and were able to look out the window. It was a comfortable journey and we were able to see the Lake (Ontario) as we got closer to the city centre. 

The Concourse of the Station was also quite magnificent, so much better than the dreary station in Mönchengladbach!

It was a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky. We had been up the CN Tower in 2015 when we first came to Toronto so had no need to queue to go again. Gwen showed us some interesting Colonial and modern architecture instead.

This concourse impressed us with its, light and innovation.

Wherever you go in the world you find Temples to Mammon and Toronto has some interesting ones.

It was a hot day so the humans chose to walk in the air conditioned city underground and managed to do some shopping too.

While Gwen was clothes shopping in a smart store, our human indulged in his favourite pastime of ice eating. Being in Canada it had to be a Maple/Walnut ice cream.

Back in the warmth of the overground they took us to City Hall.

Here they were preparing for a Taste of India festival hence the many pagodas.

We had our obligatory photo taken with the Toronto sign then it was off to the park.

We objected to being photographed on this hand as the metal was super hot, but our BBF said to grin and bear it!

There was a fine doggy fountain here and we absolutely refused to be photographed sitting on a wet dog, so Alan had to do it.

It was a popular fountain with children as they could sit on the dogs and play with the water.

Toronto has its own Flat Iron building, smaller than the one in New York. It’s called a Flat Iron as the ground floor shape is that of a clothes iron.

The St Lawrence St Market is one of the best we know and is not just colourful but has superb  quality of produce and meat.

We saw an interesting construction of a high rise block. Everywhere we went they were building or repairing something. Gwen said that there are two seasons in Toronto, Winter and the Construction Season, which makes sense as the winters can be harsh and are long here.

We returned to the underground via the Hockey Hall of fame and our humans were now a little pooped so got themselves a cold drink and sat for a while before returning to the railway station.

The return journey was uneventful and Glenn was at the station to meet us. Our BBF went for a short nap on arrival at home and then the humans sat with a refreshing G+T before supper. The next part of the adventure was discussed over dinner, as tomorrow we travel to Brockville and our BFs Pat and Dan.

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