29 August 2023

Back to Fisher’s Island

When we woke this morning we were uncertain as to what the day would bring. The main problem was the delivery of the life raft! Brec had been promised that it would be delivered  today, but there were no guarantees. Our BBF was woken early as Sandy needed to use the loo as Laura was taking a shower before going to work and so the downstairs bathroom was blocked. He had no idea what woke him until Sandy appeared from out of the loo.

Since he was up he might as well stay up. He had a stripped down wash got dressed and went looking for coffee. Sandy was asleep on the sofa in the front room and Brec was already in the shower. Our BBF found coffee and took it on the back porch to drink and slowly wake up. He had breakfast with Brec and when he went to the boat to stow stuff away Alan stayed behind. Sandy when she surfaced then made some salads to take aboard. Generally our BBF hates waiting so the morning was boring, after cutting up an onion for Sandy he read or played games on his iPad. For lunch he had a bowl of Sandy’s Bulgur salad which he said was quite tasty. 

John appeared at about 13:30 hrs with a trolly on which he had the life raft. Sandy informed Brec and then we waited some more till he came to collect us. Once he came the life raft was taken out of the delivery box which our BBF now cut into bite size pieces that would fit in the recycling bin. Brec loaded the car said farewell to his brother John then we were off.

At the boat yard we unloaded the car and loaded the boat. Brec gave our BBF the task of securing the raft on the centre hatch which he did, according to Brec in a seaman like manner.

They then cast off the lines and motored out of the marina.

The stress of land life falling off of Brec’s shoulders can be seen here, let the adventure begin.

The rail bridge was open so we motored on through it.

Passing the USCGC EAGLE on her mooring again on our way out. Brec then handed the helm over to our BBF who steered all the way back to the anchorage we had a few days again. The sky was now overcast again and the sun hidden behind grey clouds which made the afternoon cold enough for a jacket.


Sandy sat happily in the cockpit reading.  It took a little over two and half hours to get back and once the anchor was down Brec served out an anchor beer and our BBF set about cooking an evening meal.

Pasta with meatballs and Alan’s marinara sauce, washed down with a good red wine.

The plan now is to sail to Block Island and from there on through the Cape Cod Canal to Province Town, day sailing most of the way. What happens thereafter and where we go depends then on the weather.

The sun set over the anchorage, the humans sat in the cockpit until they were tired enough to go to bed.

Tomorrow is another day.

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