18 August 2023

Pasta Nostra and the Bitter Butter War’s

Our BBF had problems with his right wrist which caused him much pain in the night. He took some pain killers which helped somewhat and he went back to sleep. He got up at 0800hrs and put the coffee on and made breakfast, went out and got the Newspapers from the outside. Brec who had already gone to work rang to say that they  were not going to collect a new Life raft as they did not have any to sell and take away. A life raft has a life, the rubber and the glues used have a shelf life and so rafts are made to order. Brec said he eventually found a place that could deliver it for Friday of next week, so he had it sent to an address where we can collect.

Sandy made a great soup for lunch, beef broth with sausage meat, spinach and tortellini. Alan told us it was very tasty. After lunch he took the VW into Town. He had looked up on the map where to go, but took a left instead of a right and ended up someplace else! In the supermarket where he found himself, a place Sandy had taken him to earlier in the week, he had WiFi and so used his iPhone to find the Liquor Store he wanted. Before he left he bought some much needed Tonic. While still on line he got the mobile to give him directions. This worked even without WiFi and sohe quickly found the store he wanted. He bought a bottle of Writers Tears and a bottle of Spiced Rum for Sandy.

He then went to the Connecticut Post Mall and looked at shoes, but couldn’t find anything he liked to buy and so using iMaps navigated back to Sandy. Once there he had a siesta. Brec had arranged to go to a really nice Italian Restaurant in Norwalk called Pasta Nostra and owned by Joe Bruno. The drive took about 40 minutes. Brec’s daughter Laura was in the restaurant before us. 

The restaurant was undoubtedly a special place with excellent service and typical American Italian ambience. 

Our BBF chose Chard Ravioli with Marinara Sauce and drank Chianti. The meal all humans agreed was first class. 

Joe Bruno then came and sat at their table and our BBF said he was a very interesting man to talk to with a great sense of humour. He told the story of his Bitter Butter Wars. A guest had asked for butter with the bread starter, but he refused to serve it on the basis that his was a true Italian restaurant and only Olive Oil was served. This guest when he returned to his office wrote a memo to his staff that no more business lunches were to be authorised in this restaurant. He sent the Memo with a covering letter to Joe Bruno, who wrote a reply, but posted all correspondence up in his window. This went on for some time and even included lawyers letters all which Joe Bruno posted in his window. Eventually the local press got involved and these headlines were also posted up in his window and the major Headline was “The Bitter Butter Wars!” The way he told the story was most amusing and we Bears cannot do justice to it as were were not there.

Joe Bruno was retiring and he mentioned to Alan that he had a lot of recipes which he might write down in a book. Alan asked to be put on his mailing list and that he would buy a copy when it came out. Joe recommended they all have a dessert so the males shared  the Sicilian Wedding Cake and the females shared the Hot Chocolate Soufflé with liquid centre and fresh cream. All agreed the dessert was really yummy. 

Feeling replete and happy the humans returned to their respective homes. On arrival our human and Brec enjoyed a glass of Writers Tears and sat and watched the TV news about another human called Trump.

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