30 September 2023

Brothers singing.

Brec had asked our BBF if he would make pancakes for breakfast last night, so this morning after a good nights sleep where some of the weariness in his bones was eased he got up at 07:30 hrs to make breakfast. He prepared pancakes, bacon and eggs, laid the table and then waited for the other humans to rise. Sandy woke and came for coffee. Alan made some apple pancakes and some plain and kept them all warm in the oven. The Morgan men slept in and eventually our BBF called up the stairs, “Morgan men, show a leg, breakfast it ready!”

The conversation at breakfast was easy and light hearted with much laughter. Brec and Geoff sat and played songs and sang to their guitars. Geoff had written many of the songs himself.

Leaving the brothers playing their music Sandy and our BBF went shopping. He doesn’t have many days left for one of his favourite activities now.

They went to the Trumball Mall in Bridgeport where Alan found a number of things he wanted and spontaneously bought a few others. Sandy went for a pedicure while our BBF shopped.

He then need a coffee and a doughnut and went to Dunkin donuts in the Mall as he has discovered the Boston Cream donut which he likes. Sandy joined him there and they then drove home. It was still raining and the Freeways were chockablock with cars, it now being the rush hour traffic on a Friday night.

Back at home Sandy and Alan cooked the evening meal, after which our BBF shared a glass of Writers’ Tears with Brec and Geoff, who then played and sang some more.

Brec is taking Geoff to the airport tomorrow early so we all said our farewells before going to bed.

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