4 September 2023

Another hot day in Provincetown

We all slept in today getting up at around 08:00 hrs when Brec started the engine to charge the batteries. Brec then told us that we were all going ashore to shower and have breakfast at thePost Office Café. When the batteries were charged we called the water taxi and headed off to the showers. Refreshed we then went to the Post Office Café where we managed to get an outside table. The day was sunny without a cloud in the sky and was already warm, it would get hot later. 

Alan and Brec both had the Cafe’s classic eggs Benedict with Canadian Bacon, which to us bears looked more like ham, on an English Muffin which was too hard for our BBF to cut with the knife you see there, so he demanded a sharper one. Both men were brought a steak knife which worked better.

Breakfast was enjoyed and the humans chatted about the up coming voyage to Nova Scotia. Coffees were refilled, but then the waiter insisted on being paid as we had finished and they needed the table!! So they paid and left. Sandy went to the Pharmacy to get stuff while we Bears and the males went to the town jetty to look at the Victoria, Magellan’s ship that actually completed the circumnavigation.

Sadly when we got there the ship had departed. This picture above was taken when we came in and we all thought it might be one of Columbus’s ships, either the Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria. Magellan’s Ship the Victoria was the only ship of his fleet to return with 18 out of 237 sailors and Magellan as we all know was not one of them.

Our BBF now had a nervous bowel and need to find a Heads as quickly as possible. The one on the jetty only had one stall and two men were waiting so he trotted on back to the marina where he just made it, but then found there was no toilet paper. Brec in the meantime had followed him and got some paper from the stall next door. If you have ever been to the USA you will know that the toilets are not enclosed but open at ankle level and the walls end just above head height. Our BBF left the toilet to find Brec sitting  on the terrace, but then had to dash back again to the toilet. This time Brec got one of the marina staff to get a new complete toilet roll which they passed over the door! 

It was relatively safe now for our BBF to walk into town again while Brec returned to the boat. It being the Labor Day holiday there were many people about. We saw quite a fair number of young and older men holding hands.

We walked back to the town jetty were our BBF asked the Atlantic Research and Conservancy what the chances were of sighting Whales.

The chances of seeing whales once we pass Race Point were going to be good we were told. 

We returned to the boat and Alan made some lunch for all on board. Sandy was not back yet. When Sandy returned she gave our BBF an early birthday present.

Our BBF was pleased with the complement and the tea towel and gave her a hug for it. 

Brec as we write is working hard doing the last minute things necessary for a safe voyage at sea. He has made out watch lists and has gathered the life jackets together and is now beginning to check on charts and the route we will follow. Tonight the humans are going out for a last meal ashore. We leave tomorrow morning Tuesday early and will be out of touch with our readers until at least Friday. Happy Sailing!

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