11 September 2023

A day off in Lunenburg

Despite their fatigue the humans didn’t sleep well this first night in Lunenburg. Brec was the first to leave the boat at around 06:30 hrs. Our BBF and Sandy tried to sleep  on. Alan finally got up at 07:30 hrs which was also when Brec phoned Sandy. He was in a restaurant drinking coffee and using their wifi. Our BBF said he would go there too.

The pair then discussed the Hurricane and when it might arrive, as well as what they would do. Brec and Sandy had planned to visit a number of places in Nova Scotia as well as New Brunswick. It was decided that they all needed a break from sailing so they would get off the boat that day and hire a car tomorrow to start touring. 

Brec was pleased that they had a number of items on the menu named after him. The men both had a Savvy Brekky!

After breakfast they returned to the boat taking coffee and breakfast for Sandy with them.

It was decided that Brec would do some boat stuff, Sandy would do the laundry and our BBF could go find an ATM to get cash and he could if he wished have a look around town.

By the War Memorial Alan found an ATM then went and sat in a Cafe to have coffee and use the wifi facilities.

The little town built on the fishing industry in the early 19th century was pretty. There were interesting little shops and plenty of places to eat.

This interesting memorial is to all the fishermen and boats lost to the sea and there was a memorial service in the harbour later in the morning.

Alan returned to find Sandy soaking up the sun on the dockside.  They checked the laundry and then went for lunch and an isotonic drink.

After lunch they returned to the boat to pack some gear to get off the boat and check into a hotel. Sandy had already booked a room and now Alan helped her book a car for the touring part which they will pick up tomorrow. Brec was heavily into boat maintenance and refuelling and wanted to do an oil change. They left him to it and went to the Hotel and checked in.

We have a nice large suit with two Queen sized beds.

And a view over the harbour.

As the sun set the fog rolled in again. The humans enjoyed an evening meal and even a bit of TV watching before retiring to bed.

The plan tomorrow is to pick up the hire car, leave the boat here and then to tour the country until Thursday when the men will get the boat prepared for the Hurricane should it arrive the week after. 

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