4 September 2023

The kindness of a stranger!

In the night our BBF got up to look at the stars, but the waning moon still chases them away. Ashore the town was clearly throbbing and people were partying.

He got up again at dawn, but went back to bed, the skipper after all had said no move before 07:00 hrs!

At 07:00 hrs he cleared away his bed, dressed and started the breakfast. He made pancakes as promised with real coffee and all agreed that it was good.

Sandy remarked having Alan on board was like having your own personal Chef! After the humans were sated they sat and chatted and told stories for a bit.

Brec than wrote out two shopping lists one which he would get and one for Alan and Sandy to get.  Brec was going to get boat stuff and Alan and Sandy groceries.

The day promised to be a hot one. On shore Sandy and Alan went one way Brec another. Our pair wandered around the town enjoying the holiday atmosphere and going in and out of the many shops. As the nights at sea the further North we go get colder he succumbed to buying an extra warm hoody with a soft fleece lining. He said he would wear it on the night watches under his oilskin jacket. Sandy bought herself a shirt, a sweatshirt jacket and some Flipflops.

They now needed a cold drink and something to eat as it was getting really hot. They found a suitable place and each had a glass of cold water and a nice Belgian Isotonic drink. Alan ordered a Lobster Bisque and Sandy a salad. Each left the other a little to taste. 

Suitabley refreshed they got underway to find the ShopRite supermarket. It ended up being a long walk in the heat of the sun. They passed the monument to the Pilgrims from the Mayflower who signed the Mayflower Compact which created laws for the Mayflower Pilgrims and non-Pilgrims for the good of the colony.

They walked on another quarter of a mile and when they had to cross the road a female motorcyclist stopped to let them cross. When she revved up to get going the motorcycle was quite noisy as some Harleys are. A handsome man near our human remarked that she was noisier than his ex wife! Sandy laughed and asked the man if he knew where the supermarket was. We now learnt that it was in the other direction at least a mile back!!! The man introduced himself as Steve, that he was originally from the Netherlands, still had that nationality as well as the USA one. He had been a Lieutenant in the State Troopers had served in the National  Guard and went to Kuwait, was gay and had two children from a surrogate mother. He then added if they followed him home, which was not far he would take Sandy and Alan in his car to the supermarket. That was an offer they could not refuse.

At his house he went and got the key to his car, then drove our pair to the supermarket. On the way he explained  that his husband was a Drag Queen and had won the contest to the Drag Queen of the USA, had won $200,000 and a BMW car!

When they arrived at the supermarket he gave Sandy his mobile telephone number and said when we were ready to phone him and he would take us to the town marina.
Sandy and Alan bought all on the list and then some, but there was no bacon to be had! ! When they got to the checkout Steve was there to say he had remained and checked his emails. Outside Steve drove his car up they loaded the stores on and were off. 

At the entrance to the large jetty, which is also a car park the sign said full, but Steve told the attendant he was only dropping us off and drove all the way to the Marina gate. Using Steve's phone they found someone to take their picture and then our pair went down to the water taxi. 

As they got to OTTER our BBF realised he had left his bag with iPad in Steve's car! He asked Sandy to text him and stayed in the water taxi to go back to the jetty. Steve was there with Alan's bag and he breathed a sigh of relief. Such generosity from a stranger. Steve remarked that there were only two things that he had to do, die and pay taxes the rest of what he did was free choice.

Brec alone on the boat had done quite a bit of work and preparation for our voyage. He now went ashore to shower and have a walk around town. Alan said he would have supper ready at 18:30hrs. Alan prepared the meal  and then found  that Brec had turned the main shut off to the cooker so hard off, that he could not turn it back on. Sandy tried and failed too. Alan texted Brec who was on his way back anyway. Brec turned the fuel on and Alan started cooking.

Even Alan agreed it was a good meal which all enjoyed while telling stories of their day’s activity. Brec washed up and cleared away and so ended another good day on OTTER!


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