18 September 2023

Back to Lunenburg

We were up early as we were going back to Lunenburg and Brec was keen to get going! The start of the day in New Glasgow was overcast very with light rain showers as we got on the road about 09:30 hrs. It cleared more and more as we traveled on. We stopped once for fuel just North of Halifax by the airport.

When we arrived in Lunenburg at around 12:00 hrs we drove straight to the Zwicket Warf to check on OTTER. She was riding peacefully on her mooring in flat calm water as if there had never been a Hurricane that passed through here!

OTTER can just be seen above the bow of the dark yacht!

However, evidence that a Hurricane had been here there was! We had seen broken trees and branches, many already cleared aware. The worst though was that there was no power in Town at all! We were able to check into our room in the Dockside Inn, but they had no power and their restaurant would remain closed.

We unloaded the humans and our kit into the hotel. Then the men left Sandy and us there while they went to see if they could get access to the dinghy! They returned without success, but had heard that the supermarket was open as they had a generator. Together with Sandy they went there to revictual the boat and to have stuff to eat for lunch.

With the stores they returned to the hotel where our BBF made lunch! After lunch the men went to the Filling Station by the supermarket as Brec was keen to get one more Jerrycan for diesel. That way he would be fully sufficient in fuel to motor all the way to Provincetown if necessary! They were successful in this and Brec also bought a small torch which he and Sandy did not have with them, plenty on the boat just not in their luggage and the bathroom has no windows so is in total darkness! Our BBF has his headtorch so he didn’t need one, and we bears can see in the dark!

The men now lay down for a nap! When our BBF woke the sun was shining. Brec surfaced and he told him that he was going to sit in the sun on the dockside! He also discovered that Tim Hortons outside town had power and was open. Alan told Brec to pick him up when they were ready to eat.

The Dockside Inn where we have returned to!

It was nice and warm in the sun and our BBF just chilled looking at boats and being by the sea, always good for the soul he says!

Brec came and collected him and they drove to Tim Hortons, Sandy wanted to sleep some more and was left in the Hotel! 

Our BBF‘s meal! While the men were eating and charging their phones, Sandy rang and asked for them to bring her something! She also gave them the good news that the power in the hotel was back on. Hurrah! So ended another day in Nova Scotia!

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