14 September 2023

A good day in Halifax

The humans were up early around 08:00 hrs as Brec had some important phone calls to make. He left the room to do so. Sandy and Alan slowly gathered themselves to join him in the restaurant for breakfast. Soon thereafter we all left the hotel to drive directly to the Maritime Museum in Halifax. Our BBF sat in the front seat next to the driver and using iMaps navigated Sandy the driver. Brec sat in the back and read out various passages from the Guide Book on Nova Scotia he had. 

We arrived without problems even though the day was grey and drizzly . Now we had to drive around a bit to find a car park, but find one we did. Then our BBF had a need to get wifi as he had to solve some car insurance problems. Out of the car park we found a nice little French Café with excellent coffee. We sat upstairs and our BBF now found in order to get on line with HUK24 he had to have his German SIM in the phone as the web page was trying to send him log in confirmation details! Now he had a problem as he has lost his Apple tool for opening the SIM card tray. Sandy came to the rescue and borrowed a scarf pin from one of two young Arab women which fitted perfectly. SIMs changed he did the business which admittedly took a bit of time. When he had finished and put back the US SIM card he returned the pin to the Arab woman and said in Arabic "Shukran jazeelan"! which means thank you very much. They were very surprised and a nice conversation ensued. They were two women from Iraq, one had been in Canada since 1999 and the other since

Business done it was but a short walk to the museum. The humans now agreed a time to meet again at the entrance and they were off in various directions.

We started with our BBF upstairs in the TITANIC exhibits.

And we were privileged in being able try out a replica of one of the ship’s deckchairs.  They were only available for first and second class passengers and when the chip went down thrown overboard in the hope that the hoi polloi  could save themselves by clinging to one!

There were a number of sail boat exhibits but what fascinated our BBF were the many models of steam ships and even a couple of engine mechanisms where he was able to turn a handle to make them work.

A model of Halifax Harbour as it was in 1812 was not quite finished but very interesting too.

We can’t seem to escape Hurricane Lee, for here was the lates prognosis of its track! Outside it was raining so our BBF bought  small umbrella and Sandy bought two, but Brec had an important conference call to make and had disappeared to find somewhere quiet to make it. He had spent his whole time in the TITANIC exhibit and intend to comeback after his call. Sandy and our BBF went for a late lunch.

They found an Irish Pub!

And indulged in Muscles, which were tasty.

They now went shopping, or rather Sandy accompanied Alan to an out door shop where he hoped to find a new small penknife as he had lost the one he brought to America! They had nothing he fancied so as it was raining he bought a light weight rain jacket instead. On the way back to the car park Sandy was of the opinion she knew where it was and forced Alan to cross a street. He told her that she was directionally challenged and she laughed when she had to cross back again. She made another wrong assumption when driving out of the car park disagreeing with Alan about which way to go. In a car such errors are not hard on the feet.

They returned to the museum to pick up Brec and drove then to our overnight accommodation which is the ground floor of a small house in a residential area of Halifax. We have two bedrooms and the large kitchen contains a washing machine and dryer so laundry was put on. Brec made some nibbles they had an anchor beer off the boat and then Brec went for a nap before they went out for a meal in a Chinese restaurant just round the corner. Apart from the weather it had been a good day in Halifax.

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