3 September 2023

It’s Colder Now

We were up at the crack of dawn to get through the Cape Cod Canal with the favourable current. It was cold so Brec made our BBF and himself a hot chocolate. Then with Alan on the helm he hauled up the anchor. This is undoubtedly Brec’s morning exercise as he hauls it up by hand and only uses the windlass when it wont come up.

Alan followed the buoys back out to the Canal then turned into it. Quite a few small boats were about with men fishing in them. Then once we were in the canal the banks were lined on both sides with men fishing every 100 metres! We saw one man successfully land a large Bass, but that was the only one.

This is the view of the lifting railway bridge after we had gone under it with the moon above it.  It was bitterly cold and so our BBF put on more clothes.

The canal is about eight nautical miles long is with a favourable current of 3knts we went through fast. Once out the other side into Cape Cod Bay Brec hoisted the Genoa, but as the wind was light from behind we kept the motor on. Later in the day when the wind and the course allowed he hoisted the main as well and polled the Genoa out on the other side so we sailed wing on wing and were able to turn the motor off!

Bliss perfect bliss. No engine noise, sailing along nicely and the sun is shining.

After 6 hours sailing we arrive in Provincetown. Brec hauled all the sail down and we motored slowly into the marina to get fuel and water.

We asked for them to give us a mooring for three nights, which they did. Alan then made lunch. After lunch Sandy and our BBF took the laundry and their shower kit ashore via water taxi while Brec put the boat to bed.

When they had showered they sat in the sun and looked at their mobile phones. Brec came and showered and we Bears published the last three days of Blogs, but made a mistake in the order of publishing. We got Alan to tell everyone of our mistake. The humans then went into town.

Brec had the bit between his teeth and wanted to have a beer at the bar he had frequented when he worked here in the 60’s. In the old days the bar was called the Forecastle but now it is called the Old Colony Tap!

It was a low ceiling bar, dark and loud with cracked tables. Brec had his beer while Sandy and our BBF had a G+T. Satisfied we now followed Brec around town while he told us some of the history and of his time here in the 60’s. It is now a holiday town, in the 60’s it was a fishermen’s town. The folks walking the streets were very colourful to say the least. Brec explained that it had become not just a Hippy place but one for gays!

The humans bought some beer then went back to the boat so that Alan could cook the evening meal. He said it wasn’t cooking really as he had made the bolognese and froze it before coming, so it was boiling water for pasta and warming up the bolognese. It was all washed down with red wine. Then as these humans seem to do they sit looking at their mobile phone screens before going to bed. Brec said, no move before 07:00hrs. Alan promised us all pancakes and real coffee for breakfast. The humans were asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows.

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