13 September 2023

A horrid day in Nova Scotia

Today was not a good day for the humans in our group! On the basis of what can go wrong could go wrong, did go wrong! Brec was up early and took himself off to the boat to do the last minute things to secure her before we could all leave on a land based holiday. Sandy and Alan were to go and get the hire car. Now it started to unravel. Enterprise Car Hire which had confirmed the booking on Friday now said that they had no car for us! The motel where we stayed the night offered no breakfast so Sandy and Alan went to Tim Horten's and had breakfast there. A taxi had been booked to take them to get the hire car for 11:30hrs and since the only other hire car firms were in Halifax airport perhaps they should try there. Paddy our taxi driver said no problem she could take us there. So off we went. The drive took about an hour and a half. 

In the Airport Car Hire building we now stood in line to wait to be served. Sandy had tried booking the car with Avis on line and now discovered that she had reserved a car in their downtown offices, here in the airport the price and taxes was different! Sandy used her elbows and her charms and common sense prevailed and we got a car at a much better deal. We were told to go to bay J16 but when we got there, the bay was empty. Using the car key they had given us, Alan found it in bay J11.

On the way back to Lunenburg the humans stopped for lunch at a cool looking old fashioned Diner

It had one Thunderbird on the roof and another inside.

Our BBF even had a Strawberry milkshake which he changed to, “to go” and took it to drink in the car.

We passed through areas where there had been terrible fires earlier in the year and many houses had been burnt down. Nature though is recovering and grass and ferns are beginning to grow again between the dead trees.

Back in Lunenburg we now searched for Brec. He was not answering his phone, so our BBF went looking to where he might be. When he did find him Brec was worn out for his day had not gone as planned either. The place where he had hoped to leave the dinghy now wouldn’t let him and so he had to search around to find another place. This involved him having it to get the dinghy, without assistance 3 meters up on to the dock, then to deflate it and pack it in it’s bag, then carry it and the motor a fair distance to where it was to be stored.

However, now we were all together again the mood lightened and the humans searched for the nearest motel/hotel where we all could stay one night. They found one in Bridgewater and drove there. It was a little run down which explained the price and was out of the centre of town. We now learned that the price was different for three in one room, but we bit the bullet, for all we wanted now was a bathroom and a bed. Then the bombshell came that the restaurant was closed and wouldn’t open till 08:00 hrs for breakfast, and we had chosen the hotel because it had a restaurant we thought!

This place has key cards and now the humans discovered that the cards wouldn’t open the door! Back to the receptionist, who told Alan to now go to a different room, but as he got there ran after him to say no she had changed her mind, she would replace the battery in the original room door instead. She opened that door with a proper key and let the humans into the room. 

It’ll do we said and chose our bed for the night. The men showered and then the humans all went to dine in the KFC next door, only to find it was a take away only place! Back to get the car keys and take the car to find the nearest restaurant to us. In the car the internet wouldn’t work so Alan got out a number of times and back into the hotel to use their wifi. Eventually he found a fish restaurant and they drove there. It was a good choice they all found and enjoyed their meals. Then it was back to the hotel where Brec was the first tired bear to go to bed. Sandy and Alan shared a glass or two and booked the next accommodation in Halifax before they too retired to bed.

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