2 September 2023

Cuttyhunk Island

We Bears of little brain forgot to mention yesterday that Brec and Alan had sighted dolphins as we came out of Wicopesset Passage and before the Fog came. The two circumnavigators were thrilled as they have many happy memories of their visits on the ocean. Brec said it was the first time he had seen dolphins at all in Long Island Sound! 

This morning Wednesday 30 August we were up early again to set off. Brec started the motor and let got the mooring and motored us out of the Great Salt Pond. Our BBF joined him once he had packed away his bed and got dressed. Then with out BBF as Helmsman on watch we continued our voyage eastwards. Rounding the end of Block Island we were now out of Long Island Sound and into the Atlantic proper and we felt it with the big Atlantic rollers sweeping from right to left under the boat. This made it all somewhat rolly, so Sandy wedged herself in her bunk so she didn’t roll about and slept on, or tried to. 

The sun was behind the grey clouds and then the fog came down again shortening the view to a little under half a nautical mile. We saw no other boats, but did hear the deep rumble of an engine of probably the Block Island Ferry going by in the mist.

The men had breakfast and chatted amiably about sailing and this and that. Brec concentrated in between on the navigation, while Alan kept watch and the autopilot steered, rather squeakily we thought. At first the day was grey and cold then it tried to rain so oilskins were called for. When it stopped it was warm so oilskins came off and so the day continued. 

The wind was not that strong and came from the southwest. The engine stayed on, Brec raised the Staysail which gave a bit of lift and dampened the roll a bit. Later he rolled out the Genoa and put the spinnaker pole on the end so that when we rolled it didn’t collapse. This also gave us a lift which helped push us on and once the current against us stopped we managed to do at least 6 knots. 

We were hoping to see the Buzzards Bay light tower which was our waypoint, but in the fog failed to see it, though we passed it at a little under half a nautical mile! When the fog lifted we did see it dead astern about a mile away. Gradually land came into sight and now in the lea of the Elizabeth Island chain  we no longer had the big Atlantic swell to deal with.  The buoys marking rocks close to the entrance of Cuttyhunk were rounded and then it was just a matter of picking up a mooring which we easily did.

Our BBF went immediately below and made BLTs for lunch which all enjoyed. The sun then came out and a rainbow was sighted. Brec did a few boat chores while Alan had a nap. Brec wanted to go ashore and paint so he put the dinghy over. The harbourmaster stopped by and the mooring fees were paid and then Brec set off or tried to! He has a new outboard engine and so it needs getting used to. After starting and letting go the painter it stopped and so Brec drifted a bit downwind until he got it started again. Alan and Sandy are left on board with us and Alan will be making the evening meal for all. 

When he returned he showed us the painting he had made.

There was a nice sunset which seemed like a good omen to us all so we retired to bed, to sleep perchance to dream of home!

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