27 September 2023

A quiet sail to New London.

On the floating jetty in Galilee where we made up in the dark, as the wind was blowing us onto the jetty,  the feeders squeaked, which made for a disturbed night. The humans got up at 06:30 hrs and our BBF made tea and breakfast and the men discussed the next passage over it! 

A power boat next to us asked if we could move back as the bowsprit was sticking out preventing him from leaving. The men jumped to do that and no sooner were they below when they noticed him leaving! They realigned the boat and got ready for the passage! 

The day was cold grey and overcast with a promise of rain in the air. Outside the harbour Brec set a reefed Genoa and we were off, sailing! The engine was turned off and peace reigned over the boat.

We were protected from large following seas because of the land so it was good sailing were it not for the cold.

As we drew closer to Watch Point and the Passage round it, the seas began to build again. Thankfully the wind was not more than 18-20 knots perhaps gusting 25 knots at times.

You can just see Watch Point over the Starboard side on the horizon!

Fans of Bonnie Tyler may know that she has a house on Watch Point and it is the big white one you see in the middle of the photo.

Once through the Passage we were into Long Island Sound and the following seas were much calmer and we were able to roll out a bit more Genoa!

As our BBF was on watch Brec made some sandwiches for lunch which we ate as we passed Seaflower Reef Light!

It was then just a couple of hours more to New London. The Genoa was rolled away when  we got to the entrance and the engine put back on. We have made up in Crocker’s Boatyard again. 

Would you believe the sun came out after our humans had showered!

Brec then showed us a horrid  bruise he had discovered on his arm which he probably got this morning pushing the boat off the jetty! 

The humans, clean and refreshed went ashore for a meal! Tomorrow will be a sparrow fart start so they will be in bed early for tomorrow is going to be at least a ten hour sail to Bridgeport. 

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