17 September 2023

Round Cape Breton Island

We were up early, for today promised to be long day. Brec was worried about OTTER for Hurricane Lee arrives Saturday and watched various news and weather programmes on TV. His main worry was, had he done enough to protect OTTER from the storm and kept thinking of additional things he could have done! There seem to be so many different forecasts of what will happen to Lee though the direction of travel seems to be constant now, the eye will go into the Gulf of Main so passing to the west of Nova Scotia. 

The humans went to breakfast and it was a help yourself type of buffet. You could get fresh pancakes from a machine by pressing a button, then wait for them to come out the end and you could make your own toast. Coffee too came from a large machine. Suitably breakfasted we all got in the car and we were off.

The day started grey and overcast with some light rain showers, but the road was good and we made fair progress to our first destination which was Sidney a town on the Northeast end of Cape Breton Island. Occasionally one caught glimpses of the Bras d’Or Lake and the Atlantic Ocean to our right. Stops were made to take photographs when the road allowed.

As the day went on the weather improved and when we got to Sidney we found an Irish Pub where we could sit on their roof terrace with a view over the harbour for lunch.

The men had the fish chowder which we understand was delicious. Our BBF even shared his Guiness with Brec who couldn’t manage a whole pint.

We saw no organ grinders and paid much more for our beds!

We crossed over the water to get to the Cabot Trail. The Trail was a windy road through the mountains and offered great views over the ocean.

There were fun motives too.

And many views were spectacular.

Then we went through the mountains to the other shore on the North side of the island.

The sun slowly went down and we then drove on in the dark and only stopped at a place to eat.

Sandy drove the whole way  and we calculated that by the time we got back to our hotel in New Glasgow she had spent 12 hours behind the wheel. Thankfully as a former travelling sales person in the Paper Industry she not only was an experienced drive, but loved driving. A couple of glasses of Port in the “Shipfaced” glasses were drunk before all humans collapsed into bed.

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