24 September 2023

Starry, starry nights at sea!

On the morning of our departure (Wed 20 Sep) the two humans went ashore in the dinghy one last time to say goodbye get some ice. Upon their return the dinghy was brought on deck, deflated and stowed for the voyage. The wind was blowing a bit so Brec put two reefs in the main and hoisted the staysail! 

It was a grey day and not warm, but the men were glad to be at sea again! Our BBF told us that every day is now part of the journey home!

The engine was kept on and was not turned off till we got to Provincetown! This was done to maintain boat speed and worked well with the sails that were set at various stages of the voyage. A watch system was kept by the two humans which had a dog watch so that they did not always have the same night watch! This is a good system and why is it called  a dog watch? Because it’s curtailed Brec has pleasure in telling us! 

It was cold at night so the humans without fur dressed in many layers! 

The sunset was promising and the night was full of stars, from horizon to horizon! It was over 20 years since these circumnavigators had had this pleasure. So much so that our BBF two nights running mistook a rising bright star or planet behind us as ship!

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