27 September 2023

A bumpy cold wet ride to Galilee!

The humans were awake at 06:30 hrs. It had been planned to leave then, but with the wid howling Brec fancied a lie in till 07:30 hrs. Our BBF made tea and then made breakfast after which they put on their oilskins and set off into the grey windy day. Gale warnings had been given for small craft in Buzzard’s Bay, so we knew we were going to have a tough day!

With just a scrap of a Genoa and with a little engine we motor sailed out of the canal into Buzzard’s Bay!

As the day wore on the wind got up to 35 knots and so the scrap was reefed, and still we were going at 5 knots with big following seas! It rained and blew cold most of the time too! 
It reminded us of the Atlantic crossing with our BBF after which he said never again! So 25 years later we have to ask what are we doing here!

Supporting our BF Brec is the answer! He admitted too that today was not a nice day. With poor visibility strong following seas and winds of 35 knots it is stressful for the skipper/navigator who bears the full responsibility of ensuring a safe passage! All our BBF has to do is steer and keep watch and cook! 

After some 45 nm we made up in Galilee just behind Point Judith for the night! Our BBF cooked the evening meal and then we all fell into our bunks as it had been a long hard day! 

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