20 September 2023

A tourist day in Lunenburg!

It started to blow and rain a bit in the night, but we were all cosy and warm below so we slept on. Around 08:30 hrs Brec was the first to surface. The men slowly got going. Our BBF made breakfast and tea. Brec made a phone call about work and they sat and chatted after that! 

Brec refuelled the dinghy and bailed out the rain water ready for going ashore. 

Our BBF made a whole load of Tuna Pasta salad, enough to feed a platoon let alone two old codgers in a boat at sea. 

Then we all went ashore to do washing have showers and visit museums! The men put the washing on first and as there was someone in the shower our BBF went to the Post Office to buy stamps! He then saw that the Laughing Whale cafe was open and went in to have a really good cup of coffee and a muffin! He was unable to renew his Verizon SIM which runs out tomorrow as the web page was unable to process foreign credit cards! 

He then walked back to the shower block, but there were two people in the queue to use it! We did the touristy thing instead.

We Bears visited the gnomes and fairies in Lunenburg.

Then went with Alan to the oldest house in Lunenburg! 

The Knaut-Rhuland House Museum had a shoe placed in the wall to ward off the devil! 

We then went next door to an Antique shop and found a suitable gift to give John Morgan for his 70th birthday, but couldn’t pay for it as they only took cash! Alan went back to Brec who gave him enough change to do so. 

We then all went to the Fisheries Museum which had some nice models of sailboats as well as enlightening exhibits! 

This model shows the Grand Banks and the Continental Shelf with the various currents that have an impact on the fish and the climate! 

This model of a Cod Fish is also the size of the largest ever caught! 

In the beginning the men fished with hand lines from the decks of sail boats. They stood in these casks which kept them dry and they also had wind shields which you see here!

Later they fished from dories like this one!  

This model shows how they did it and shows well the swell they would have had on the ocean! 

One room was dedicated to all the fishermen lost at sea over the years! 

Alan posed for a photo

And so did we! 

We returned to the Zwickert Wharf where our BBF went for a shower and Brec moved the dinghy as it was being blown on to the muscle encrusted dock sides! 

The humans now had Tacos and Beer in one place but as they had no wifi went for Cocktails and desert to another that did.

We will leave Lunenburg tomorrow, Wednesday around noon to sail directly back to Provincetown so will be out of contact for at least four days! Till then! 

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