29 September 2023

A Morgan Family Birthday Party on the Lane.

Our BBF was the last up this morning, the other humans having gone about their business. He spent some time in the shower and then trimmed his pirate looking beard to that of a gentleman. He made himself bacon and eggs for breakfast and Sandy retuned as he finished it. 

Sandy had done most of their laundry and our BBF could now do ours. We have to comment on the size of these huge machines, compared to the one Alan has these are industrial size which the picture does not do justice to. Sandy then left again to help her sister-in-law with the preparation for the family birthday party that evening.  Our BBF sorted out his stuff so that he could better find things. His suitcase had been a bit of a mess, but now there was some system to it.

Brec returned from having worked on the boat getting it ready for the winter. He made himself some lunch and after a shower the men left to go to New London to visit the Thames River Gallery where Brec has many paintings in their show.

Our BBF was now able to view the painting done by Brec which is the  star of the show. 

Our BBF looked at some of the other artists paintings and then discovered a book.

We had no idea that the US Coast Guard had a Bear as a mascot. He asked if he could buy the book and the owner John Johnson said no he could have it and pass it on to his grandchildren. Little does he know that we Bears will keep the book for a while first.

The men then drove to the Lane in Waterford to John’s house to help celebrate his 70th Birthday. Brec went looking for his brothers and after saying “hi!” to the woman Barbara and Sandy took a walk down the Lane to say goodbye to the Ocean.

The sun was setting and the wind was blowing cold so our BBF did not stay long, just sat and thought what an incredible adventure we had all had.

John the birthday boy and his older brother Brec chilling after a tasty meal of twosorts shrimp with two sorts of rice and sauce with beans and roast cauliflower.

Our BBF was now also introduced to Geoff, Brec’s other brother who is a gifted song writer and guitarist. He had written a special song for John’s birthday and now sang it to him.

The candles on the cake were  blown out in one puff so wishes can come true. John now opened his presents and one of the first was the Tower of London mug our BBF had found in an antique shop in Lunenburg. John now surprised Alan by giving him a present!

John had had a number of glass globes made with the logo of Brec’s circumnavigation inscribed with his time in New Zealand for family members. We were there at the same time and Alan was now very emotional at this generous gesture.

The last present John opened was a small version of the larger one of the Lane in the Gallery, signed also on the back with some personal words from Brec.

Geoff then sang another song he had written about the front room of the house the humans were in. Back in the day when the Morgan’s were children it was their grandmother’s house and it was a lovely tune which invoked the love of the Lane and the times the brothers shared on it. One line of the song mentions how their mother would bring the children tuna sandwiches for lunch down on the beach. So now we know where Brec got his love of tuna from. 

This was just a Morgan family affair and our BBF felt privileged to have been included in it. The party ended and the humans returned to Milford, bringing Geoff with them. On Saturday there will be a formal large party to celebrate John’s 70th.