17 September 2023

A Birthday in a Hurricane.

Our day started with Birthday messages for our BBF from our Worms patchwork family and then Brec and Sandy sang too. The humans then went to breakfast. The weather outside was windy with rain, the hurricane was coming closer. Birthday messages were coming in from all sides of the planet. His Pace-O’Shea patchwork family also sang and wished him well, as did many old comrades and sailing friends.

As the stone shows it is the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the Hector to start the Scottish Colony in November Scotia.

After breakfast we went to visit the said ship in Pictou where it is being restored.

The ship is being restored to modern standards so that they can take visitors out on the lake. 

We experienced how cramped it must have been. Now they are installing waterproof bulkheads which the original did not have. 

On deck the wind was increasing as the storm got closer.

The Bluenose II was sadly not open for viewing, but was snug and safe in her berth.

This hut was safely tied so the hurricane could not blow it away.

Our humans now went looking for a cafe and had to resort to a trip to Tim Hortons. It was lunch time but out BBF only wanted coffee and a doughnut. The humans then returned to to the hotel for a nap.

After the nap shopping was on the agenda, but sadly the Mall here is slowly dying and there was nothing for our BBF to buy.

They went then for a birthday G+T to the Sports bar.

And later for a meal to the Swiss Chalet.

To our BBF’s complete surprise Brec and Sandy had planned a surprise party with cake, cards and presents.

Our day ended with a rainbow as well as a birthday party all of which are good omens for the future. 

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