18 September 2023

A days work in Lunenburg

The early morning view from our hotel room window was promising! The humans were up early as there was lots to do. The hotel had still not got its wifi up and running as their provider still had no power. Parts of Lunenburg were also out of power, so we were lucky. Breakfast was taken in the hotel for which one had to pay cash as there was no Internet for doing credit cards! 

After breakfast Brec went and got the dinghy and engine with the motor car. Our BBF met him at the Wharf and then took the car to fill up the extra jerrycan they bought yesterday. That done he collected Sandy and all their baggage from the hotel. Back on the Wharf Brec was pumping up the dinghy! The kit was loaded onto a trolly from the car and Sandy took the car to get ice for the boat! 

An emotional farewell was taken and she set off to Halifax to return the car and fly first to Montreal where she will take the train tomorrow to New York! 

The men then launched the dinghy into the water, loaded it up with half the kit and set off for OTTER! Once there Brec got off took all the kit out of the dinghy and then our BBF set off back to the Wharf to collect the rest of our belongings!

It’s quite a climb down but thankfully the tide was in or it would have been further! Back at OTTER the kit was unloaded and then our BBF from the dinghy tied on to the mooring chain, which Brec had pulled up out of the water, a new Buoy as the old one had blown off in the Storm. 

The men the set about putting sails back on. They worked slowly, but methodically from bow to stern. First the Genoa then the staysail and then the main sail! 

It’s easy in the telling but there are many little things that need to be done so it all works and it takes time. When that was done our BBF tied the Liferaft back on deck. The dodgers and the Pram-hood put back. When all was done personal kit below was sorted out and finally the men were ready to go ashore for a meal.

We should mention that our BBF made lunch and tea at teatime to replenish some of the energy used during the day!

                        The new mooring buoy!

We are back in position with Pugsly and have brought two new friends with us! They are Sandy bear and Schnupsie the hedgehog! Both were birthday gifts from Brec and Sandy! 

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