1 October 2023

A Birthday on the Lane.

The weariness in our BBF’s bones is still there for he spent a restless night and got up tired. He stayed in his PJs and just put on a warm top and went downstairs to make some coffee. Brec had returned from taking his brother to the airport. With coffee to revive him he felt better. His thought of getting abluted and dressed died. He made himself some toast for breakfast instead and thereafter went upstairs to have a trial pack. Alan had bought a new suitcase and initially intended to ditch his old one, but not everything he had went into the new one, so he decided he would use it to pack the rest of what he had and have no rucksack as hand luggage as he did on the way out. It will cost, but we remember one year when he sent parcels back by post and he then discovered that an extra suitcase was cheaper. Then there was another year where Sandy gave him an old suitcase for all his stuff!

The weather outside was cold and wet. The men had to go to a birthday party on the Lane. It was John’s party for all his cousins and family who live on the lane. After our BBF had showered and as he was finishing dressing he had a Facetime call with Petra and Vincent. Consequently the men were a bit late getting going.

The weather was not really conducive to having a picnic party on the Lane, but John and Barbara had put up some tents to give protection from the rain which fortunately did not come full force, it just dripped a bit, but it was cold.

Two brothers, Brec and the birthday boy John and  cousin  Mark standing in front of the Pizza trailer John had organised. It had a genuine wood pizza oven and the pizzas served were very tasty.

A huge birthday cake was produced with a picture of John as a baby which we all found cute.

The Pizza Wagon had real difficulty getting out of the Lane.

But after much to-ing and fro-ing managed to back up out of the lane guided by Brec and another cousin.

John made a couple of speeches and was pleased that many of his relatives were able to come and help celebrate his 70th birthday. People sang Happy Birthday and those that knew it also sang Sandy and Brec’s family birthday song. Our BBF and Brec were the last to leave and drove home in the rain and dark.

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