17 June 2019

Dinner in Fallingbostel

The welcoming committee of the RBL Branch in Fallingbostel are all young, compared to our old codgers and need to work for a living. Consequently it was agreed that they would meet us outside the town hall, or Rathaus at 19:00 hrs.

The missing member Alan took the obligatory photo and then we retired to a suitable hostilary for refreshments. They kindly fed and watered us, as well as promising a generous donation to our Poppy Fund!

After the formalities a very pleasant evening was had chatting amicably. Our BBF especially enjoyed chatting to the treasurer about cycling and was green with envy when he heard of this man’s exploits cycling the old Inner German Border when he was still serving! It is 1400 Kms long, so cycling it all including going up the Broken mountain (1141 metres) in the Harz is a tremendous achievement. As some of you will know we and our BBF did try to walk it in 2016, but Alan has to give up after 200 odd Kms because his right knee broke. After this conversation we can see the cogs of his mind working and wondering if we should have a second attempt at it!

All good things must come to an end and so it was that we parted company with our new friends, as we needed to prepare for the ride to Hannover tomorrow! 

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