16 October 2014


This morning when we got up, it was overcast and very warm and humid. Like being in the tropics. Outside the front of the hotel are some "Wau Waus" which sadly did not bring us much luck today.

We went back in time to 18th century Williamsburg and visited those places we left out yesterday.

In Germany there are people who run around in Middle Age Costumes, so having Americans running around in 18th century costumes, since they cannot go that far back in their history, is about the same. We found another pretty maid to chat up and she found us so sweet she even gave us a cuddle.

This woman showed us around the House of Burgesses, which was the seat of Government in Virginia in those revolutionary days.

We then left historic Williamsburg by bus to find a coffee house in the modern side of town. While in the bus it started raining cats and dogs! After our coffee we returned to the car to then drive to Jamestown, but when we got there a torrential down pour had us running for cover in the Cafe.

The boys, rather demoralised, returned to the hotel as there was little real point in going on just to get soaked to the skin. Tomorrow promises to be sunny again, so we will visit then, before making our way back to Washington.

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