2 October 2014

Rain stopped play!

The first disappointment of the day was breakfast. The advertising had said "continental" style breakfast, but it had failed to mention that there was no dinning room. That one had to make it oneself and then serve it on paper cups and plates. The bagels and buns came frozen and had to be warmed up in the microwave, the coffee was typical american thin mud, but at least there was cold orange juice.

The second disappointment of the day was rain, rain and more rain. Alan and George left us behind, which perhaps was the kind thing to do, considering the poor weather. They took the tram/subway into town as it stopped more or less outside the boarding house. 

When they got there the light drizzle had stopped and so they walked around Boston Common taking pictures on the way to the  State House. 

Skyscrapers in the clouds

One should have known that with statues like this, Boston must be a wet place!

They wanted to follow the Freedom Trail around town which takes one past houses and monuments to the American Revolution. One can have a guided tour, on foot, led by a person dressed in the costume of the time. One has to say the Americans take pride in their history and seem to present it well. They are a young nation after all, when compared to Germany or England.

They went into the State House which is the seat of the Massachusetts Government. It was an interesting building and Alan and George had to have their bag checked. The building is deceptive as it has many different levels and one cannot easily get from one to the other unless one knows the way.

George giving his inauguration speech!

When Alan and George had had enough, they found it was chucking it down outside. Not really walking weather for tourists, better weather for ducks and frogs. Since the next house along the trail was a church which was closed, Alan and George decided that discretion is the better side of valour and decamped to a Starbucks coffee house.

Since the rain did not let up they then walked to the Faneuil Hall Market Place, which looked like a fun place to be in the rain. Hundreds of others decided the same, so yes it might be fun, but not when it is crowded with wet and steaming tourists. At one stage one of the halls had to be evacuated as the alarms had gone off!  Alan bought some souvenirs there and then they walked on to the harbour.

It was raining cats and dogs now, so again they decamped, this time to a smart restaurant know as the Chart House on Long Wharf.

Lobster stuffed Scud

The cats and dogs were still there when they came out and so the day was abandoned in favour of shopping. Alan persuaded George that "Levi" jeans at $36,99 were a bargain compared to German prices and so he bought himself a pair. Then it was back in the tram/subway to the boarding house. At least they had had an impression of Boston in the rain. The people are very different to those in New York, as is the city atmosphere. 

Let's hope tomorrow will be a better day weather wise, for taking pictures in the pouring rain is no fun and often not possible.

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