9 October 2014

Summer Sun in Amish Land

The sun shone as we left Chestnut Hill. Alan had printed out the routes for today, thanks to Rachel, our host for the night. In fact it was a first for Alan printing something from his iPad. Consequently the journey was without difficulty and all places we wanted to visit were found.

After a stop for coffee and petrol, called "gas" here, we went to the heart of Amish country a place called Lancaster. There we visited one of the show houses and farms.

For a community that shuns modern ways they are remarkably successful. The family is at the centre of it all. Schooling is only until the 8th Grade which is how they avoid peer pressure, we suppose. In the little school house Alan met Katie Beiler, a 74 year old widow woman and ex Amish teacher. From her six sons she has 24 grandchildren!

Katie Beiler

The single room school

Pennsylvania German which they call "Dutch" is learnt at school and spoken in the home

After a nice chat with Katie and a walk around the farm the boys took us to York to visit the Harley Davidson factory. Sadly we were too late for a guided tour but the boys still had lots of fun dreaming about "Hogs" and the open road.

The open road in summer sunshine and temperatures brought us to Gettysburg. We sunned ourselves outside the motel room while George called home.

Alan wanted to catch the setting sun over the battlefield and so we went for an early meal in "Ruby Tuesday" Restaurant. The waitress was friendliness personified and Alan said he could give her a cuddle, though she was young enough to be his granddaughter we think!!

As it was when they got to the battlefield the sun had gone down behind the hill, so all that could be done was have a chat with Abe Lincoln.

We plan, now, to be up early and do the whole of the battlefield before going on to Washington tomorrow morning.

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