7 October 2014

An easy drive to Chestnut Hill

We were all up early and had a beautiful sunrise for our troubles. After breakfast we set off on the relatively speaking, short drive to Philadelphia. Even though Alan had checked the route on the iPad, we failed to find the right road and took a short detour till we could find ourselves on the map again. Ruperts (Officers) can get lost, some would say all the time. The trick is not to say one is lost and just keep going till you find yourself again. Often the troops are none the wiser! This was not one of those occasions as Alan did discuss it with George all the time. He hates it when he misses a turning or gets disorientated (never lost), but he has relaxed now and takes it much more easily.

The sun shone and much as yesterday the route went through woods as far as the eye could see.

Today though, we followed the main motorway (once we found it) to Philadelphia. Going down the hills the trucks behind us looked quite mean and menacing, as if they wanted to run us over.

Since they were bigger than us, we got out their way.

About halfway we stopped at a rest area for a coffee which just happened to be in "Allentown"! Pity they couldn't spell it right.

At the coffee counter was one of those Wild West Most Wanted posters, scary stuff for us Europeans.
A quick coffee and a use of the "Restroom" not loo here, they would look at you as if you had two heads if you asked for the loo, we were on our way again. 

Our new accommodation, for two nights, is in a private flat in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. Chestnut Hill is really quaint as Alan hopes the pictures show. 

An ATM in a British telephone box

Three nice guys smoking the fattest cigars you have ever seen 

A lamp post with a woolly coat.

Alan and George walked up and down the main street when they got there to find a post office to buy stamps for the post cards, Alan had written, which Alan can now not find! We think it is a sign of old age creeping in! 

They left the two of us in the flat and went out for another explore as well as to find a place to eat. 

The three gentlemen smoking cigars were kind enough to explain how to get to the centre of town by train, amongst the other pleasantries of passing the time of day with strangers from overseas.

Proof that George is taking pictures as well.

Us at the work station where Alan writes

Our sitting room

Alan and George stopped at a Pizza Parlour for a pizza where they got into a conversation with a chap, who said he was a piano player, conductor and singing coach. He had spent some time in Germany, particularly in Hanover. The boys found it refreshing to be able to talk to an American and get his views on life. Then it was back to the flat to get ready for tomorrow.

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