16 October 2014

Dinner in Williamsburg

The boys, well Alan really, were in need of a glass of red wine to compensate for the torrential downpour which stopped play today. They were recommended to go to "Rocco's Smokehouse", which was down the road a block or two, as being one of the few places that sell alcohol with meals. 
They left us in the hotel as they always do, when they go out for a meal and walked the two blocks to the said restaurant in the rain. Getting over the four lane highway in the dark and rain was the next problem. It would appear that very few Americans go out at night on foot in this area, for there were no pedestrian crossings at all. They solved the problem by pretending to be cars and crossing at the lights, when they turned in their favour.

The cook stood at the door to welcome them, but Alan refused to kiss him as it said, but did give him a cuddle. Nothing could go wrong with the evening now, but Alan cursed that he had not brought his camera. George saved the day with his phone.

Alan got his glass of Merlot and when it came to George's beer the waiter brought him three glasses of the local brew to try.

Choosing what to eat in this "meat heavy" restaurant was not easy either, but the whole experience did compensate them for a very rainy day.

George's meal

Alan's meal

There is nothing finer than a good glass of wine when you have been "pissed" off by the events of the day.

The boys returned happy and content, even though the rain had not stopped. We think they will sleep well tonight, but we are going to need ear plugs, for we feel they will snore the night away as if they are  chopping down a rain forest.

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