18 October 2014

Visit to the Capitol

The sun was shining when we got going today. We went first to the airport to extend the car hire for one more day, then drove to a Metro Station where we left the car and rode the Metro into the centre of town.
The building is impressive and we first did our own tour of the House Of Representatives, where sadly no photos were allowed. But in the main hall we were allowed to take photos.

"Freedom" this is the plaster model for the statue on top of the Capitol

We then lined up for a tour of the rotunda which started with a 12 minute film. Our guide had some problems with the equipment, as the boys had to wear an earphone amplifier which was meant to give them only her voice in their ears. There were so many people being guided around that this was most necessary. 

Our guide

Sadly the ceiling of the rotunda inside was also being refurbished, like the outside!

We were all suitably impressed by the whole building. Alan couldn't resist one last trip to the shop before we went outside into the sunshine.

We two bears are a bit lost at the foot of the stairs to this huge building, but it proves we were there!

A stop for coffee and a walk through Chinatown, then it was back on the Metro.

George couldn't leave America without having eaten a hamburger so we stopped at a "Wendy's" to have one before catching the sunset over the parking lot of our hotel.

We've been told to sit quietly in the corner, now while Alan gets on with his packing. George has done his and it may take Alan quite awhile before he is finished!!! We're all right as we have our places firmly reserved, not sure about the rest of the stuff though, goodness knows how it is all going to go in!!!

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