6 October 2014

Long slog over the Allegheny Mountains

We left Buffalo and the friendliness of "Oma's Guest House" on a cold and wet Sunday. At one stage as we drove the bye roads over the Allegheny mountains the temperature got down to just above freezing. 

You would not believe it, but we even went through our cousins country. Alan told George to stop as soon as he saw one, but sadly we did not. We were the only bears on the road.

In the small towns we passed through many people had decorated their houses for Halloween. What impressed us was the endless forests all the way, some 265kms.  Occasionally we passed dairy farms, but otherwise it was woods all the way to Scranton.

We naturally stopped for brunch in a diner, but it was not the best cuisine we have had in America, it filled a hole and that was all.

We were not sure what a pie hole is and rather felt that we did not want to find out. As we closed on Scranton the rain stopped and it looked as if the sun would come out. 

We arrived in Scranton around 1800hrs and stayed in a 4 star Hotel for the night. The boys now only had enough energy left for a beer and a snack at the bar before retiring to bed for the night.

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