5 October 2014

Trip to CANADA

When we got up this morning it was raining hard. We had a great breakfast served in Oma's Guest House by Karl, and met Walt another guest off to Canada. After breakfast, on the way out, we inspected the decorations in the garden. Some are real scary, but we are brave fellows and did not fear them.

George was amused to see us playing with the exhibits when he came out.

Then it was in the car and off to the Falls. The place seemed to Alan and George, worse than Blackpool in the high season. It was crowded with like minded tourists from around the world. We even heard German spoken today. They all seemed pretty keen to spend lots of dosh to get up close to the falls and get soaked. Not something we intended to do. Bad for the fur.

We walked the whole of the USA side with Alan taking lots of pics. It not only rained at one stage but the wind drove the spray over the deck of the viewing platform on the USA side, so it was not much fun.

Then thankfully the sun came out for a bit and one was even able to take pictures of the rainbow in the spray from the falls.
Once we had had enough of getting wet on this side we went over to Canada by foot over the bridge in the picture, known as the Rainbow Bridge. Half way over is the official border and this is marked by flags and white lines.

Alan and George even got a stamp in their passports to show they were now in Canada. All we got was a picture, being held up in the cold wind under a Canadian Flag.

The views are so much better from the Canadian side and one does not get covered in spray.

We slowly walked back over to the USA, where we had to put $0,50 into a turnstile to get back in!!
A Canadian way of milking the tourists.

Time for a meal and a sit down, so we found a TGI Friday's. Alan had a burger and George a salad.

Then on the way home we came across a beer tent where they were celebrating Oktober Fest!!

Not sure they were having much fun, from the expressions on their faces. What was missing was a Maß Bier though.

We move on tomorrow and hopefully the weather will improve for our trip down south.

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